Translation of legalize in Spanish:


legalizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈliːɡ(ə)lʌɪz//ˈliɡəˌlaɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (political party) legalizar
    (poligamy/prostitution) despenalizar
    to legalize a drug despenalizar el uso de una droga
    • The bill legalises perjury, and that is something we find to be offensive.
    • Having a marriage certificate legalises the partnership, but it doesn't guarantee happiness either for the couple or their children.
    • However, it was decided the owner of the signboard will be forced to remove the structure as there is no official authorization document that legalizes its status.
    • At least if marijuana is legalized it can be regulated.
    • In Nevada a measure that would have legalized possession of up to three ounces of the drug failed to gain the support it needed.
    • So, should prostitution be legalised, decriminalised or are things best the way they are at the moment?
    • Changing the legislation to legalise a practice that had been illegally in operation for some time was sensible.
    • The country, now called the State of Mongolia, adopted a new democratic constitution, which legalized private ownership.
    • Dr Anthony offered no statistics whatsoever to justify the government's determination to legalize certain abortions.
    • And if you legalize it you can regulate it and get it out of the hands of organized crime.
    • The Spanish government has approved a draft law which will legalise homosexual marriages.
    • Two years later, the government introduced another measure legalizing civil marriage.
    • Arkansans defeated the plan to create a state lottery and legalize casino gambling in six counties.
    • Alaska's ballot measure attempts to legalize marijuana for adults 21 and older.
    • The county had a vote on whether to continue to allow legalized prostitution, or to ban it.
    • It's time to fix the bankruptcy law that has legalized the corporate robbery of workers.
    • In my opinion if prostitution is legalised and they are accepted into the community hundreds of lives could be saved.
    • For less than a year it was legalised by statute in the Northern Territory of Australia.
    • But in terms of individual possession there have been frequent calls for cannabis to be legalized.
    • When the movement to legalize abortion began, advocates talked about the human costs of prohibition.
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    (document) legalizar