Translation of lemon in Spanish:


limón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɛmən//ˈlɛmən/


  • 1

    • 1.1(fruit)

      limón masculine
      limón francés masculine Mexico Venezuela
      (peel/juice/soufflé) (before noun) de limón
      lemon squash limonada natural (concentrada) feminine
      • lemon squeezer exprimelimones
      • Squeeze in the juice from both lemons, and salt and pepper to taste.
      • In a small bowl, combine the lemon juice, thyme, scallion, garlic, mustard and sugar.
      • Pour in all the olive oil, and squeeze in the juice from all four lemons.
      • Fried fish was accompanied by the juice of bitter oranges or lemons or by greensauce.
      • Davenport squeezes the juice from several lemons into water and adds the rinds and boils the liquid until the water starts turning brown.
      • Carefully fold in the avocado with the lemon juice and some of the herbs.
      • Tucuman is the country's largest producer of sugar cane and lemons.
      • Almonds, plums, apples, cherries, and lemons are enjoyed in many households fresh off the trees in family gardens.
      • Slice the red onion finely and juice and zest the lemon.
      • When cool, add the juice of two lemons and the reserved liquid and make up the volume to 4 ½ litres.
      • And the worse thing is that there is no invention that can help you squeeze the juice out of such lemons.
      • Those caught in the acrid clouds of gas retreated to meet comrades in arms who treated their eyes with juice squeezed from lemons and bottled water.
      • Crush the avocado with the lemon juice, salt and pepper, and spread thickly on the bread.
      • But I'm not allergic to orange juice, lemons, limes, or anything else citrus.
      • Most other citrus fruits, such as lemons, limes, citrons, naturally sweet oranges and tangerines are considered safe.
      • Cut the avocados into halves and brush with a little of the lemon juice.
      • There, they picked raspberries, walnuts, lemons and pears.
      • When the bubbles start to look brown around the edges, squeeze in lemon juice from the cut lemons.
      • In another bowl, zest and juice the lemons and limes, then fold through the cream.
      • At every vegetable market in North Africa, and now also in the south of France, there are stalls laden with huge piles of soft lemons, oozing with juice, next to several varieties of olives.
      • Limes nearly always yield more juice than lemons because although they are smaller, they have thinner skins and finer papery segments within.
      • Rub the chicken all over with the lemon, squeezing the juice into the skin.
      • If you can find a hole where ants are entering the house, squeeze the juice of a lemon in the hole or crack.
      • Put cherries and orange slices into a kettle and add the lemon juice and sugar.

    • 1.2also lemon tree

      limonero masculine

    • 1.3(color)

      amarillo limón masculine
      (invariable adjective) (before noun) amarillo limón
      • They bloom in a range of colors from bright lemon yellow to a deep golden color, and there is also a lovely pink variety.
      • It's an Australian plant naturalised in Spain having flowers of lemon yellow to deep gold.
      • Before she could get the chance to protest, he pulled her outside and pulled out the folded lemon yellow paper.
      • In the glass it is pale yellow with mild lemon notes on the nose.
      • The decor is sunny, with a lemon and terracotta colour scheme, which Jan says makes people feel like they are on holiday.
      • The Marigold erecta, in orange, lemon, golden yellow and a rare white, is a good potted plant.
      • The first single bedroom overlooks the front of the property and is decorated in pale lemon with laminate wood floors and fitted wardrobes.
      • From cream to beige to peach and lemon yellow, the range comes in several colours apart from the new shade mint.
      • Other fruit colours such as spearmint, lemon and blue are also popular.
      • In a food processor, beat the butter, sugar and lemon zest until they are pale and creamy.
      • The colours in this series are lime green, sky blue, white, lemon yellow, black and flame orange.
      • The bridesmaids were Sharon Power, Rachel Lenihan and Fiona O'Loughlin and they wore dresses with gold brocade bodice and lemon skirt.
      • Huge blocks of pale turquoise were set off by strips of lemon yellow hems or belts, and oversized rainbow stripes crisscrossed the body on dresses and shell tops.
      • For those wanting something more bright, there are colours like orange, green, and lemon.
      • A houndstooth wool anchored the season, with touches of dusty rose and pale lemon.
      • Spurred blossoms come in shades of pumpkin, peachy rose, gold, ruby, and pale lemon.
      • Its colour scheme is soft lemon, which complements the stained timber floor.
      • There are 47 standard colours ranging from lemon and saffron to silver, olive and denim.
      • Fueki prefers mint green, lemon yellow, melon pink and other candy colors that she often spikes with glitter.
      • Behind glazed double doors, the family room is decorated in pale lemon and floored in solid oak.

  • 2

    • 2.1informal (dud, failure)

      porquería feminine informal
      • As a result you are stuck holding some real lemons - and the prospect of widespread industrial chaos - as we move into an election year.

    • 2.2British informal (fool)

      idiota feminine
      don't just stand there like a lemon! ¡no te quedes ahí como un idiota!