Translation of length in Spanish:


longitud, n.

Pronunciation /lɛnth//lɛŋ(k)θ//lɛn(t)θ//lɛŋ(k)θ/


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    • 1.1

      (of line, surface) longitud feminine
      (of line, surface) largo masculine
      (of sleeve, coat) largo masculine
      the curtains are the wrong length las cortinas son demasiado largas/cortas
      • two pieces of equal / the same length dos pedazos de igual longitud / del mismo largo
      • the hallway is 5m in length el pasillo mide / tiene 5 metros de largo
      • the cable runs the length of the street el cable va todo a lo largo de la calle
      • the beach is polluted along its entire length la playa está contaminada en toda su extensión
      • the road was lined with policemen along its entire length había policías todo a lo largo de la carretera
      • Basking sharks can reach 10m in length and weigh in at anything from 2 to 7 tonnes.
      • Liam rolled up his denim jacket sleeve and revealed a scar about eight inches in length, crooked and jagged and raised and a deep mauve color.
      • In small streams, brown trout may grow to no more than twelve inches in length and weigh less than a pound.
      • Adult sperm whales average 15m in length, but can reach a maximum of 20m and a weight of 70 tonnes.
      • Women make bark cloth that can reach fifty feet in length and fifteen feet in width.
      • The squid weighs 20 kilograms and measures 1.5 metres in length.
      • Although seldom more than three inches in length, the hair may be cut to a quarter of an inch at the nape of the neck.
      • Typical blocks were fabricated to measurements of three feet in length and 1.5 feet in width and height.
      • The enormous fish, which measured nearly 2m in length, strangely offered little resistance and was hauled up to the boat.
      • Roots range from eight inches up to 24 inches in length.
      • Walking down to the legal precinct this morning the full two-block length of Hyde Park was beautiful.
      • She was dressed in a long peachy pink dress that hugged her bust tightly, and was long and loose for the rest of the garment's length.
      • And today it has grown so large that it measures 10.5 feet in length.
      • The newborn measure eight inches in length and they are known to grow up to 20 feet in the wild, say the Croc Bank authorities.
      • The lake measures 35 miles in length, up to 15 miles in width and has about 115 miles of shoreline.
      • The fish measured two metres in length and the fins would have been between 700 and 800 millimetres long.
      • One of the bone instruments was a needle about four inches in length, beautifully tapered, and still in a prefect state of preservation.
      • One of the windows measured about ten feet in length while the other four were of a smaller size and located in the porch area.
      • It measures 8.3 inches in length, 5.5 inches in height and weighs in at 2 pounds.
      • Being around three to four inches in length they are also just the right size for tench fishing.
      • The very biggest may have reached 40 metres in length and weighed close to 100 metric tons.
      • It was barely two inches in length and quite thin.

    • 1.2(of book, list)

      extensión feminine

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    • 2.1(duration)

      after a considerable length of time después de mucho tiempo
      • I like visiting New York, but I wouldn't want to live there for any length of time me gusta visitar Nueva York, pero no me gustaría quedarme allí a vivir
      • the length of the show lo que dura el espectáculo
      • the length of his absence lo prolongado de su ausencia
      • in a speech of great length en un largo / extenso discurso
      • he slept throughout the length of the sermon durmió durante todo el sermón
      • length of service antigüedad

    • 2.2Linguistics
      (of vowel)

      longitud feminine
      • As Navajo is a tone language, an error in tone or vowel length can be embarrassing to the listener.
      • In our research, stress is treated as a function of syllable length.

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    (of wood, pipe) trozo masculine
    (of river, road) tramo masculine
    (of river, road) parte feminine
    to cut sth into equal/short lengths cortar algo en trozos iguales/cortos
    • a length of cloth una tela
    • a dress length un corte de vestido
    • From her right hand dangled a length of line, weighted by a piece of lead in the size and shape of a split pea.
    • They weave cotton into strips of cloth, which are then sewn together, forming a length of fabric.
    • Instead he's trying to tie a length of rope onto his daughter Hillary's climbing harness.
    • It was tethered to a slightly larger box in his front pocket by a length of coiled wire, like between a telephone and it's handset.
    • He is holding a length of curtain material in front of him while a young woman attempts to crawl between his legs.
    • Maria carefully rolled the piece, winding a length of sticky tape around the tube, stowing it in her bag.
    • So, armed with a length of twine, I set off to capture the dog.
    • The manager went off, and returned with a length of adhesive plastic, holding it out like a holy cloth to be draped over a bishop's neck.
    • You can construct a model of this surface from a length of foam rubber with a square cross section.
    • The group has been fundraising the estimated $8 million needed to run a length of track from London Farm to Garry Point Park.
    • It was replaced at half time by a length of plastic piping that is normally used as a goal post during Little League games.
    • We then wrapped her in a length of white muslin (white is the colour of initiation) and lifted her above our heads and rocked her.
    • This line was not bordered by any physical crash barrier, but by what looked like a length of cable stuck to the pavement in front of them.
    • Suddenly he was behind me, a length of white cord stretched tightly between his two hands.
    • The ferrets, as many as six at a time, are run along a length of pipe.
    • A length of outside stone wall has been dated back to pre-1066.
    • Attacking them with a blunt object, such as a length of wood, could be also considered cruel, at least for the Rottweiler.
    • ‘You can still see pebbles in the stone,’ says Gerry, caressing the surface of a length of wall down by Kaleyard's Gate.
    • A physical barrier can be as elaborate as a wood-framed cage of window screen, or as simple as a length of row cover.
    • Marcus bundled the man inside and secured the lid with a length of washing line taken from the outside balcony.
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    • 4.1Sport
      (in swimming)

      largo masculine
      I swam / did 12 lengths nadé / (me) hice 12 largos
      • The team, all from Bradon Forest School, completed the 5,000-metre challenge in two hours 31 minutes, swimming 40 lengths each.
      • He continued to swim 40 lengths to the day he died.
      • She swam an impressive 20 lengths of the pool in 19 minutes and five seconds and presented Lydia with the money and a cute teddy bear, which Lydia christened Benjamin.
      • He is capable of swimming a length and surface diving, and loves the water.
      • In preparation for the challenge, she has been swimming 500 lengths a day at her local gym.
      • Jemma, ten, and her cousin Danielle, 11, swam 50 lengths of the pool at Devizes Leisure Centre on Sunday.
      • She is swimming lengths in the club pool and walking as much as she can rather than grabbing lifts.
      • I decided to attempt to swim two lengths of the pool underwater on a single breath, a feat that I have accomplished a couple of times before.
      • Splitting her time between homes in Knightsbridge and Gloucestershire, she swims her daily 30 lengths in a swimming pool fitted with underwater speakers.
      • Two years ago, Kevin O'Donnell could barely swim 12 lengths of his local swimming pool and would drag himself totally exhausted from the water.
      • She also used to swim 30 lengths a day, competing with everyone who came in the pool.
      • Swimming several lengths gives you a good, safe workout.
      • After a tough few lengths in the swimming pool, it's always refreshing to know you can head for a sauna so hot it leaves you gasping.
      • Only last week a 76-year-old woman raised £280 for the pool fund by swimming 100 lengths.
      • Applicants should have completed the equivalent of advanced lessons and be able to tread water and swim two lengths of the pool.
      • Rather unusually for me I fancied a swim instead of the gym this morning so did some leisurely lengths before eight then sat in the bubbly spa feeling springy.
      • Michelle Atherton raised more than £500 for an epilepsy charity by swimming 150 lengths of a Bolton health club pool.
      • To finish off I went down to pool to swim my usual 30 lengths.
      • Keith Green, of Robin Close, Warminster is to swim 65 lengths of the Kingdown swimming pool in Warminster for MacMillan Cancer Relief.
      • He still was not good but certainly competent enough to swim two lengths of this oversized pool without stopping.

    • 4.2Sport

      (in horse, dog racing) cuerpo masculine
      (in rowing) largo masculine
      • Magna Graduate kept close to the leaders on the inside and moved to within one length of pacesetter Tani Maru through six furlongs.
      • In his second career start and first try on the turf, Cartoonist rallied from last place to win the one-mile maiden special weight race by two lengths.
      • Making most of the running, Simmies Charm finished with three lengths to spare over Tinas Dilemma in 30.78.
      • She took the lead inside the final furlong and finished two lengths clear of Godolphin Racing's Quecha.
      • Stakes winner Questionable Past finished one length ahead of Turn to Lass, who finished third.
      • Kris Kin won the Epsom Derby by one length for trainer Sir Michael Stoute and owner Saeed Suhail.
      • The bay colt won a maiden race by seven lengths at Del Mar on August 17 in his second career start.
      • His latest success was achieved by 11 lengths at Doncaster last month when he justified favouritism in impressive style.
      • Asi Siempre raced less than two lengths behind leader Elle Runaway entering the stretch.
      • He rebounded to win a Belmont Park allowance race by eight lengths on July 7.
      • Bachelor Duke scored by one length over Azamour in the Irish Two Thousand Guineas on May 22 at the Curragh.
      • They led the whole race finishing a boat length ahead of the Irish.
      • Guided Tour was the runner-up, one length behind the winner and a neck ahead of Golden Missile.
      • He won his maiden at the Curragh last season by 15 lengths and was almost as impressive on his reappearance at Tipperary in July.
      • At the final turn he led by eight lengths and held on comfortably for a very popular win.
      • Briolette hung on for second, one length in front of stakes winner Asawer.
      • The Go for Gin colt won an allowance race by eight lengths at Belmont Park on June 7 in his last start.
      • As they moved through the middle of the race the Evers-Swindells had extended their lead to a boat length over Germany.
      • Innox was seventh last year, almost 39 lengths behind the winner.
      • He has not raced since finishing six lengths behind winner Clodovil in the French Two Thousand Guineas on May 11.