Translation of lengthen in Spanish:


alargar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈlɛŋ(k)θən//ˈlɛŋ(k)θ(ə)n//ˈlɛn(t)θən/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (novel/skirt) alargar
    (line/speech/visit) alargar
    (line/speech/visit) prolongar
    he lengthened his stride alargó el paso
    • a lengthening line una cola cada vez más larga
    • His strides lengthened and he picked up his pace, as if eager to reach our destination.
    • In-flight medical emergencies are likely to increase as air travel continues to expand and life expectancy lengthens.
    • The shadows were just barely lengthening and Kristram looked at me in disbelief.
    • However, the sun had distorted the shadow, lengthening it.
    • He says that if this changes and as the burden of disease grows with an increasingly elderly population, Scotland may see its waiting times lengthen.
    • I have short lashes and this lengthens and thickens them.
    • As the afternoon shadows lengthen, the gradient starts to ease and our progress becomes more assured.
    • Our response to disappointment has not been to lengthen our stride but to shorten the distance to be covered.
    • She leaned forward and Hope immediately lengthened her strides and stretched forward.
    • Then, as the candles burnt and the shadows lengthened, we started to think about it properly.
    • There are jobs to be done as days lengthen and the rate of growth increases.
    • My stride lengthened and I regulated my breathing as my track coach had taught me.
    • Whether one side has ‘more of it’ or ‘less of it’ becomes increasingly significant as the struggle lengthens.
    • As the chain lengthens, uncertainty increases both risk and exposure.
    • The assailant was wearing a hooded cloak and the setting sun had lengthened the shadow covering his face.
    • Slowly, his strides lengthened without his pace getting quicker.
    • Half an hour had already passed, and the shadows lengthened as the sun sunk into the horizon.
    • As the list of lies lengthens, the insult to us expands.
    • Outside, shadows lengthened across the ground, as the day wore on into early afternoon.
    • December 21st gives us the longest night of the year, then the days lengthen and daylight increases.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (day/shadow) alargarse
    the odds have lengthened las probabilidades han disminuido