Translation of lentivirus in Spanish:


lentivirus, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɛn(t)əˌvaɪrəs//ˈlɛntɪˌvʌɪrəs/


  • 1

    lentivirus masculine
    virus lento masculine
    • As long as the HIV lentivirus lived in monkeys, it was not a threat for humans.
    • Svendsen and his team approached the problem using a genetically engineered viral structure known as a lentivirus.
    • Much research in the meantime had been directed to treatments for HLTV - 3 in a futile effort, because it was a lentivirus after all.
    • Can't HIV, which is really a lentivirus, infect non-dividing cells?
    • One feature that distinguishes lentiviruses such as HIV from the other retroviruses is the complexity of the lentiviral genome.