Translation of lesson in Spanish:


clase, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɛs(ə)n//ˈlɛs(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(class, period)

      clase feminine
      lessons start at nine o'clock las clases empiezan a las nueve
      • a French/piano lesson una clase de francés/de piano
      • to give lessons in sth dar clases de algo
      • to take lessons in sth tomar clases de algo
      • Music lessons for school children are taking place in the Community Centre each Saturday afternoon.
      • Many teachers elect to continue teaching private or group lessons during the summer.
      • Anyway, there is this really attractive woman who takes singing lessons at our school.
      • She started teaching piano lessons at age 8 to her neighborhood friends shortly after she started taking lessons.
      • He quickly began thinking of how to go about teaching his first dance lesson ever.
      • She taught herself the instrument for a year before she began taking guitar lessons.
      • You've just came back from a tutoring lesson, right after school.
      • I have wanted to work as a counselor from my home or teach private piano lessons.
      • Before the summit, transport providers were given advanced driving lessons in order to save energy and to reduce air pollution.
      • If a child is going to be successful academically, teachers must adapt lessons to meet that child's specific learning needs.
      • With the first two lessons, students are learning right away that a sketchbook is not necessarily a book of drawings, but a tool for the artist to use in many different ways.
      • There are many examples of very good and occasionally excellent teaching observed in lessons across the school.
      • I took my first swimming lessons when I was 18 months old.
      • She studied math at New York Community College and earned enough money working part-time to begin private flying lessons.
      • Despite the pain, she has started taking PE lessons again at school.
      • One method is to exchange lessons with a Chinese teacher.
      • Take a private tennis lesson from a pro or choose a women-only class.
      • Word quickly spread about the convenience and economy that could result from teaching survival lessons at a distance.
      • The second block requires teacher candidates to teach independent lessons.
      • She has a particular interest in developing integrated cross-curriculum lessons with classroom teachers.

    • 1.2(in textbook)

      lección feminine
      lesson three covers the past tense la tercera lección trata del pretérito
      • Despite the fact that this lesson took several class periods to complete, I feel it was definitely worth it.
      • Today's object lesson is the coverage of a promising medical breakthrough.
      • Today had to start out with one of those little object lessons in manners.

  • 2

    (from experience)
    lección feminine
    there is a lesson to be drawn from this esto debería servirnos de lección
    • it was a lesson to us all fue una lección para todos
    • He just took things as they came and learned the lessons along the way.
    • However, we have learned valuable lessons from this confrontation.
    • Hopefully, we have now learned our lesson from the past.
    • Along the way, life lessons are learned and current social issues are explored, but it rarely feels heavy-handed.
    • Teaching this important lesson is not something you will be able to do on your own.
    • To this day, we are drawing important lessons from their experience.
    • So far the experience has proved positive, but she has learned lessons along the way.
    • I have been climbing for about three years and I have learned many lessons from my experiences.
    • Surely mistakes were made, and valuable lessons learned.
    • I believe that if a personal event offers a life lesson and can inform our art, then it needs to be passed on as a teaching.
    • Mr. Putin must learn the real lessons of this tragic event.
    • At least, she says, she has learned lessons from her disastrous first relationship.
    • Discover the hidden lesson in each experience to develop a profound understanding of life and yourself.
    • I had received a memorable lesson in the ability of inexplicable experience to produce powerful emotion.
    • When you are constantly aware, every experience becomes a lesson in life.
    • I've learned hard lessons from my experience with credit cards.
    • We've learned many lessons over the years running a year-round program.
    • They worked very well together and learned many valuable lessons about how a real business works.
    • Surely our friends have learned lessons from the past.
    • The lessons appear clear: engage the moderates or the consequences could be dire.
  • 3

    lectura feminine
    to read the lesson leer la lectura
    • A few days after reading this report I opened my Bible to read the lesson for the daily office.
    • I cannot read this morning's gospel lesson without a little nostalgia.
    • It is not achieved either, when one or two persons out of a crowd of hundreds read a lesson or take part in a prayer.
    • The church was well attended for the carol service last Sunday, where the lessons were read beautifully by young people from Silchester.
    • The Bible lesson each week reflects the theme in some way.
    • Inside the church, Lord Archer read the lesson during what was described as a simple and dignified service.
    • Although not a regular worshipper at St Mary's, he often read Christmas lessons at the church, and was heavily involved in the Thundridge community.
    • Dr Hope will read the first lesson from Ecclesiastes 12: 1-7 and the Abbey Choir will sing Psalm 121.
    • Scripture lessons, read by the master of the house, occurred twice a day, in the morning and evening.
    • The two girls tease Johnny about the morning's bible lesson.