Translation of let's in Spanish:


Pronunciation /lɛts//lɛts/

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    see let
    • I agree that we should be striving to equalise level of provision, but let's bring it up, not down.
    • For those of us with limited knowledge of the game, let's put it in context.
    • First up, let's establish the fact that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a quitter.
    • I've probably overdosed you on the slushy stuff, so let's talk about boxing instead.
    • There's a bit of a welcoming committee on the tarmac so let's go over and see who's here.
    • Now, let's get back to the issue of the referendum being passed by such a narrow margin.
    • If they want to make a statement about it by not playing there, then let's drop the matter.
    • So come on you apathetic lot, let's hear your feeble excuses for staying away.
    • However, let's hope we never have to decide, as four Majors is definitely enough.
    • Most endings can also be seen as a new beginning so let's keep our fingers crossed.
    • It's a long story, but let's just say he's learned not to bite the hand that feeds him.
    • All that fighting is in the past, so let's get real and live in the present and not dwell on facts which get in the way of the action.
    • If politicians really want to stop terror then let's leave out the macho tough talk and get down to business.
    • We have been told if we don't like the plans they won't go ahead, but let's see.
    • If not, let's all hope that a rising stock market will not conceal the next wave of potential disasters.
    • So let's consider the safer subject of the media elsewhere, and see if there is anything we might learn.
    • We have had gold medallists if not galore, then aplenty, so let's consult them.
    • In that case, let's use the laws of the land and fine the horse owners every time their horses mess the streets.
    • In this game of musical chairs, let's try and make sure everyone gets a seat.
    • I can think of many worthwhile areas where this money could be spent, so let's not trivialise it.
    • let us