Translation of lethal in Spanish:


mortal, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈliθəl//ˈliːθ(ə)l/


  • 1

    (blow/dose/substance) mortal
    (blow/dose/substance) letal
    (weapon) mortífero
    his rum punch is lethal su ponche de ron es explosivo humorous
    • your driving is lethal eres un peligro público al volante
    • Although scorpion stings can be devastatingly painful, they are not usually lethal to humans.
    • Many dogs like the sweet smell and taste and, unfortunately, even very small amounts can be lethal to them.
    • A deadly bird flu, lethal to some animals, is spreading towards Britain.
    • The avian flu strain lethal to humans has so far killed 42 people in Vietnam since late 2003.
    • All four incidents involving the potentially lethal weapon happened within the space of an hour in Grimsby.
    • The first, a yeast, can be especially lethal to individuals with weakened immune systems.
    • Antibiotics are medicines that are lethal to bacteria that cause infections.
    • The gas acts like mustard gas, and can prove lethal to those with respiratory problems.
    • In sufficient quantities its spores can be lethal to humans.
    • In the United States, critically injured racehorses are humanely euthanized by lethal injection.
    • Such a hostile chemical environment would likely prove lethal to all known microbes.
    • Actually, the mutation has proved lethal in a protected environment as well.
    • They're exposed every day to potentially lethal doses of anthrax.
    • The synthetically lethal combinations could not be analyzed because they did not grow under any conditions.
    • Without the respectability that lethal injection provides, capital punishment in the United States would probably cease.
    • The offender appears to sleep peacefully before the lethal dose of poison is administered.
    • Who's to say that a substance lethal to rats would necessarily have the same effect on humans?
    • Grey squirrels have out-competed reds for food and also carry squirrel-pox virus which is lethal to the native animals.
    • In fact, oxidative stress may progress to such an extent that it becomes lethal.
    • Every car is a potentially lethal weapon of mass destruction.