Translation of lethargy in Spanish:


aletargamiento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɛθərdʒi//ˈlɛθədʒi/


  • 1

    aletargamiento masculine
    letargo masculine
    • In spite of the general lethargy of teenagers, surveys show that most adolescents would like to be fitter.
    • There is a tendency towards slouching rather than an upright composure and overall there may be a sense of lethargy or a lack of vitality.
    • Feelings of lethargy and fatigue are creeping into my being.
    • Better marketing techniques could help in overcoming this lethargy, and creating a bigger market, they point out.
    • The heat was swelling as the morning ticked on, filling the air with lethargy.
    • Even worse, only a few people had picked it up, and when I shook off daylight savings lethargy at 1pm to get a copy, the display stand was still full.
    • The chorus has that air of resigned lethargy and torpor which regularly lowers over those with little or no hope.
    • Pardon my lethargy and lack of imagination as I continue my romp through our holiday snaps.
    • He was particularly upset with police lethargy and lack of enough vehicles for night patrolling.
    • I have sudden surges of energy and productivity, or lethargy and napping.
    • During the day, if heating is set too high, it can induce lethargy, poor concentration and fatigue.
    • The first half was marked by total lethargy and an almost complete lack of chances.
    • However, today may be slow on the updates - there's a distinct air of lethargy about the place.
    • The end result is a state of lethargy interspaced with bursts of frantic energy.
    • A large meal before or during a flight will cause lethargy making it more difficult to cope with jet lag.
    • Thankfully, I should soon be reaching the stage when the nausea and lethargy subside and I gain a bit more energy.
    • A good breakfast is important for refilling our energy stores, keeping lethargy at bay during the morning hours.
    • A typical Scottish fry-up will send them back into sluggish lethargy.
    • Running on pure nervous energy, he was caught in the temporary lethargy that comes after great effort.
    • I'm getting a little concerned with my total lethargy.