Translation of lettering in Spanish:


caracteres, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɛdərɪŋ//ˈlɛt(ə)rɪŋ/


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    caracteres masculine
    • "Happy 90th Birthday, " they said in gold, embossed lettering.
    • A few students will develop drawings and sketches or fancy lettering to sell.
    • Silently, I read the curvy lettering along the paper.
    • Slowly she read the lettering on the tickets and then looked up, her face showing her surprise.
    • Even the color of the lettering can flex to the demands of different products.
    • On the driver's side panel, the Crencent's logo was clearly visible and the the name of the car was spread out nicely across the hood in midnight blue lettering.
    • One specific comment, though, is that you should change the color of the lettering in the left-hand column on the main page.
    • The books she had bought on the subject hadn't helped her much at all, regardless of what the gold stars and bright lettering on their covers had promised.
    • Inside she found two items, one of which was a disk labelled with Cyrillic lettering.
    • His scientific instruments are characterised by their stylish lettering and decoration.
    • My eyelids fluttered open the next morning to see the black binding and gold lettering of my new Shakespeare book.
    • Only the Cyrillic lettering would lead you to think you were anywhere but Las Vegas.
    • It was silver with a gold border and black lettering.
    • Illuminated switches also can use the PVD process as the lettering is laser etched into the surface toward the end of the procedure.
    • He uncrossed his arms, showing the lettering on his white shirt.
    • It's printed in a really charming block letter font, as if it were done by hand, with different little flowers amidst the lettering.
    • Then he saw the bold white lettering on the helmet.
    • The script is extremely fine, with the black lettering edged in gold.
    • He stopped occasionally and stared at the bold red lettering over the navy blue background.
    • The other he held, fingering the lettering on its cover as he whispered.
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    rotulación feminine