Translation of level in Spanish:


nivel, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɛvəl//ˈlɛv(ə)l/


  • 1

    • 1.1(height)

      nivel masculine
      above/below the level of the window por encima/debajo del nivel de la ventana
      • water level nivel del agua
      • at eye/shoulder level a la altura de los ojos/hombros
      • He sleeps three hours a night, wakes at six in the morning to monitor the state's reservoir levels.
      • Water passes in and out through channels between the islands as ocean levels change.
      • There was a slight rise in the river level of a few inches.
      • Flood levels in Ryedale were going down but yesterday's downpour could make it worse, experts claimed.
      • Water levels on the lake were very low and conditions have not been very favourable for angling with few anglers fishing the lakes.
      • In a matter of hours, the water levels had risen to his window.
      • Riverside homeowners were keeping one eye firmly on the clouds today as river levels rose even higher through the night.
      • Reservoir levels may look alarmingly low but water chiefs are confident the region is not facing a crisis.
      • Continuous rain in the first week saw river levels rise and temperatures drop.
      • As soon as flood levels start to drop water will be fed back into the river along the new water course.
      • Groundwater levels rose and fell over a period of about 45 minutes.
      • Twelve trial holes were inspected last year to determine soil suitability and water table levels on the proposed site.
      • Most North American cities will flood and sink when the polar ice caps melt and raise ocean levels.
      • My studies also demonstrated that the rainfall, river flow and groundwater levels are increasing.
      • Lower dam levels lead to lower amounts of hydro power.
      • The rise of sea levels with the release of glacial waters at the end of the last ice age flooded the plain between what is now the UK and Europe.
      • Mr Stainer said part of the plan included raising the level of the land to guard against flooding.
      • During the summer months, decreases in river, lake and reservoir levels are likely to occur.
      • Sea levels were low because water was frozen in ice sheets in Antartica.
      • If river levels sink too low, barges could be grounded and agriculture thrown into chaos.

    • 1.2(degree, amount)

      nivel masculine
      pollution has reached alarming levels la contaminación ha alcanzado niveles / cotas alarmantes
      • a high level of literacy un alto nivel / índice de alfabetización
      • Even low levels of weekly exercise drive down blood pressure and boost overall fitness.
      • He designed a safety valve to prevent the pressure of steam building up to dangerous levels.
      • The Minimum Income Guarantee gives out cash to those who are living below minimum levels set by the Government.
      • The survey found that 47 per cent of consumers said they were suffering from above normal levels of stress.
      • Maintaining acceptable levels of water quality is important to human and environmental health.
      • Their businesses are based on low levels of investment and are not especially labour intensive.
      • Until 1998, female Army recruits were not expected to reach the same level of physical fitness as men.
      • For the first time last year, unemployment rose to an unprecedented level of 10 percent.
      • And as unemployment rose to record levels, people have stopped spending so freely, causing prices to drop.
      • The recession has resulted in unprecedented levels of unemployment and a dramatic increase in poverty.
      • However, what's an acceptable level of unemployment?
      • Tests have found about one in seven UK lettuces with above approved levels of a pesticide, the Government announced yesterday.
      • It should also have a healthy and vibrant economy with low levels of unemployment and deprivation, with an increase in quality homes.
      • A priority is supporting regeneration in areas with high levels of social and economic difficulty.
      • What will it take to keep oil imports at today's level in 2020?
      • Rainfall also dipped below the usual seasonal levels at 56 mm, or 60 per cent of the average.
      • In a separate development, air pollution at Eastleigh town centre has been found to be way above acceptable levels.
      • Therefore when social, legal and administrative systems reach a certain level of complexity they cease functioning.
      • The Environment Agency tested the water in Manor House Gardens pond and found oxygen levels to be well above safe levels.
      • However, if the pressure in the reservoir tanks falls below a certain level, an alarm will sound for the driver.

  • 2

    nivel masculine
    at ministerial/cabinet level a nivel ministerial/de gabinete
    • a top-level meeting una reunión de / a alto nivel
    • at national/regional/local level a nivel nacional/regional/local
    • they're both on the same level están al mismo nivel
    • how could you sink to such a level? ¿cómo pudiste haber caído tan bajo?
    • Important changes have also occurred in the middle levels of the class hierarchy.
    • The rest are stuck at the lower and middle levels of the managerial hierarchy.
    • At higher political levels, channels of communication are kept active and effective.
    • There were clear levels on the Roman social ladder, but not everyone could be - or wished to be - neatly categorised.
    • Based on age, the children are divided into the primary, intermediate, junior and senior levels.
    • All of the seniority levels recovered lower amounts in 1999 than the historical average.
    • The grain purchase programs determined at the national level were difficult to implement locally.
    • A spokesmen says, given the nature of the allegations, any inquiry would need to be at a national level.
    • That has been the judgment rendered at the highest levels again within the last few weeks without any qualification.
    • At the lower levels of business activities within this sector are very small operations that employ as few as five employees at maximum.
    • Democratic practice has to occur at the local level if it is to have any chance at the national level.
    • That is definitely below director level but above executive club member.
    • What does worry me personally is the trend away from engineers being employed at fairly high management levels.
    • Here in Scotland, we have no comparable political leadership below the level of the Executive.
    • Authority in the firm is concentrated at senior levels of managerial hierarchies.
    • Ideas matter to all of us who enter public life, particularly at the national level.
    • It has become a challenging issue for policymakers both at the national and international levels to deal with.
    • It seeks to inform and facilitate decisions appropriate to different levels of government and to private citizens at home and at work.
    • Though few have broken into the top echelons of power, the junior and middle management levels are full of women.
    • This produces a mind-set that puts maids at the lowest level of the social structure.
  • 3

    • 3.1Architecture
      (of building)

      nivel masculine
      • Also at this level is a granny flat with a television room, kitchenette, bedroom and shower room.
      • A woman died after jumping from the fifth level of a multi-storey car park.
      • Everything was spread out over five different levels with precious few staircases open to the public.
      • There is a department store on the beach road, Ocean Plaza, which is still flooded at the lower level.
      • Subterranean termites tunnel in moist soil to find wood, putting decks and lower levels of buildings at risk.
      • The ground floor shops and upper ground level occupy an area of 4,563 sq ft each.
      • Glass walkways connected the buildings to their neighbours and to the central building at three levels.
      • The new building has four levels, linked by a new lift as well as stairs.
      • Being built on four levels with the ground floor reserved for secure parking, the flats will have panoramic views north across the Forth estuary to Fife.
      • It was not intended that there would be balconies at first floor level around the edges of the deck.
      • The house had two levels and a flat roof, much like all the other buildings in the city.
      • The contractor is to arrange for the carpets to be lifted from the ground and first floor levels and removed off site prior to work starting.
      • There are two bedrooms and a shower room on the upper level of the extension.
      • Additionally, there are several new ‘malls,’ some of which are three or more levels with no parking facilities.
      • Wildlife often seek refuge from flood waters on upper levels of a home and may remain inside even after the water recedes.
      • The major landmarks of Paris are a bewitching sight from the various levels of the tower.
      • A different architect has designed each floor, giving each level a very different feel.
      • The first tidal wave caused damage to the bottom of the hotel, but it was the second wave, an hour and a half later, which wrecked the first few levels of the buildings.
      • The building will be joined at many levels to the main building.
      • It has three levels with three reception rooms and four bedrooms.

    • 3.2(in mine)

      galería feminine

  • 4

    nivel masculine
    • A laser level is the modern way of doing surveying.
    • I even used a level to measure properly!
    • In place of an open rear sight on the barrel, a bubble level is fitted to help avoid canting the rifle.
    • Scrape the top layer smooth using a level to guide you.
    • Generally, the most accurate beach survey data are obtained using a surveying level.
    • A level can be used to straighten out rows of bricks.


  • 1

    (ground/surface) plano
    (ground/surface) llano
    that picture's not level ese cuadro no está derecho
    • a level tablespoonful of flour una cucharada rasa de harina
    • Place your container on a level surface and pour the gel slowly and carefully down the side.
    • Once back on level ground, a two-mile road run to the finish saw my team cross the line hand in hand and fairly emotional.
    • The paths leading to the hides are of compacted gravel, generally on level ground and well maintained.
    • Slab sawing, flat sawing and floor sawing are done on reasonably level surfaces.
    • Make the terraces in your yard high enough so the land between them is fairly level.
    • Nordic walking is best practised on fairly smooth and level paths.
    • He spread a clean handkerchief from his hip pocket on a level stretch of ground.
    • Assemble the table on a level surface, turn the top wheel upside down and place the seat wheel on top of it.
    • Beyond that on level ground is an abundance of picnic sites where you can choose sun or shade.
    • I may not be the greatest rider of all time, but I do try to make a point of not falling off when going in a straight line over level ground.
    • The return to running should be gradual, starting at an easy pace on a level surface.
    • Suppose the ball lands not on level ground, but deep in the stands or off a facade.
    • The housing must be perfectly level and secure or else the fan may make excessive noise.
    • When we finally made it back to the gate the nice paved paths seemed an oasis of smooth level ground.
    • Beyond the bank on the seaward side is a yard or two of level ground.
    • Once she was on level ground, she grinned knowing she was finally out of the canyon.
    • Transfer to the casserole dish and mix with the chicken and flatten to give a level surface for the topping.
    • Row crops and plant nurseries on level terrain are well suited for surface irrigation.
    • The surface should be level, free draining and, if possible, subject to frost prevention.
    • When we reached the more level ground, it was as if we walked into another world.
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    • 2.1(at same height)

      to be level (with sth) estar al nivel / a ras (de algo)
      • When I go to the doctor, the clinicians never position my arm level with my heart.
      • His face was level with hers.
      • Bringing his eyes level with Luke, Adam surveyed him calmly.
      • Even standing, her head only drew level with my chest.
      • Behind it is a large street level parking lot accessible from Richmond Street.
      • The garden level accommodation is accessed separately from the front garden.
      • We were so high up we were level with the clouds.
      • The kitchen has a range of eye and floor level units and is plumbed for a dishwasher and washing machine.

    • 2.2(abreast, equal)

      the two teams were level at half-time al medio tiempo los dos equipos iban / estaban empatados
      • as far as ability goes they're level en cuanto a capacidad están parejos
      • average earnings have kept level with inflation el salario medio ha ido subiendo a la par de la inflación
      • (in a race) to draw level with sb alcanzar a algn

  • 3

    • 3.1(constant)

      • Studios have seen level prices over the past three years with the average rental rate at €910 per month.
      • Shares were level from there and closed at $3.86.
      • Wages have been level since 1973.
      • You can choose to receive a level income, or have your payouts rise in line with inflation.

    • 3.2(unemotional, calm)

      (voice/tone) desapasionado
      to keep a level head no perder la cabeza
      • a level head is vital in business la sensatez es esencial en los negocios
      • He was simply looking straight back into this musician's eyes, with a perfectly level gaze.
      • He speaks with the calm, level voice of a professional scientist.
      • He said it in a calm, level tone, but the icy look he gave me told me what he was thinking.
      • She returned it with a level gaze, betraying none of the anxiety she felt inside.
      • They found his level, intense stare more than somewhat unnerving.
      • That was said in a low, level voice and I suddenly realised how she might be construing this.
      • She gave him a level gaze, which drew his attention away from the air lane briefly.
      • ‘Maybe not every time,’ said the leader, in a perfectly level tone.
      • Fixing him with a level gaze, he opened his mouth to speak.
      • Philip kept a level gaze on him.

transitive verblevelled, levelling, leveling, leveled

  • 1

    • 1.1(make flat)

      (surface/ground) nivelar
      (ground/surface) aplanar
      (ground/surface) allanar
      (surface/ground) emparejar
      • However, the contractors have continued their work of levelling the land for allotment of sites.
      • Finally, the groove is filled with more paste and the surface is leveled.
      • Once the digging there has been completed, the land will be levelled and the bypass will be 10 meters below the current ground level.
      • When I was about eight or nine they levelled it off and built blocks of flats there.
      • Bushes were cleared, the land was levelled and strengthened by filling it up with rubble.
      • It's never been properly levelled so water always stands on the surface when it rains.
      • It will take so long because the site has a slope and the ground needs to be levelled.
      • Two fields have been bought, levelled and surfaced to be used as car parks for the duration of the Games.
      • They move soil sideways and level the land by filling low spots and knocking down ridges.
      • By early afternoon the ground was leveled, smoothed over and trimmed.
      • Pour the batter into the cake pan, leveling the surface with a spatula.
      • Then she mixed up a batch of cement in a bucket, poured it into the pie tins and leveled it off.
      • The bulldozers moved in and the grounds were levelled and that was that.
      • The ground which has been levelled is now being left until July to settle and consolidate.
      • Once the cement was mixed up, she scooped it into the trench and leveled it off at ground level.
      • The work is expected to take about a year during which time the surface will be levelled, drained and reseeded and flood lighting installed.
      • Tap on a work surface to level the mixture, then put in the freezer.
      • It is heartbreaking to see all of the trees in Princes Road felled and the ground being levelled.
      • The ground has been leveled and they are firming the soil.
      • The site for the bus station and car park has been levelled and contractors will move in early in May and finish next summer.

    • 1.2(raze, flatten)

      (building/town) arrasar
      • A third house was levelled in the nearby town of Dura.
      • It leveled the entire town and over 300 people were killed.
      • At one point, there was some concern about the need to level the four buildings.
      • Two earlier strikes levelled buildings and hit a car park.
      • Yet there have also been recent earthquakes that have leveled entire villages, wiping out hundreds of children and families.
      • One report stated that approximately 90 per cent of the buildings were leveled.
      • Luxurious waterfront houses were levelled and smaller houses that lined the town's canals were blown into the water.
      • Whole neighborhoods and districts were leveled in ferocious street fighting with tanks, rockets, and artillery.
      • As well as levelling the town, the quake has also destroyed what remained of the ancient city and its sixteenth century citadel.
      • The hotel was the first to reopen after the 1906 earthquake and fires leveled every hotel in the city.
      • Towns were levelled by tidal waves which left bodies wedged in trees as the waters receded, Indonesian officials and witnesses said.
      • Around 80,000 people died immediately from the effects of the blast, and much of the city was leveled.
      • Fires still burned, but homes were charred and had been levelled to the ground.
      • Everything was leveled to the ground, everything but what he had on his back.
      • All that do not have rounded roofs will be levelled to the ground.
      • The explosion reportedly leveled two buildings, one of them a restaurant on a town on the Mexican side of the border.
      • One hundred and thirty mile per hour winds and waves 15 feet high leveled the town.
      • A massive explosion in the air sent shockwaves through the town and leveled the few buildings that had survived.
      • Already entire streets of flats have been levelled to make way for more than 700 new homes, two new schools and a state-of-the-art health centre.
      • Much of the town was leveled, and eight people were killed.

  • 2

    (make equal)
    social leveling nivelación social feminine
    • Carling's conversion levelled the scores at 10-10 at half-time.
    • The fly half had two attempts at levelling the scores with long range penalties from inside his own half which drifted wide.
    • The hosts retook the lead on half-time with another converted try but the scores were levelled on 52 minutes.
    • The visitors levelled the scores with a try and penalty.
    • He called 23 lets, eight no lets and 10 strokes, as Hopwood eventually levelled the match.
    • A series of well-placed shots saw her level the scores and keep up the momentum to win the fourth game.
    • Neither country has retained the Ashes by levelling the score at The Oval.
    • It was his fine play which levelled the scores for the Wasps early on.
    • After levelling the scores just three minutes into the second half, City looked the side most likely to go on and claim victory.
    • He smashed the ball to the back of the net to level the scores yet again.
    • His vital try, which levelled the scores at Dewsbury with 12 minutes to go, was his 21st of the season in his 21st appearance.
    • He insisted the second try - which levelled the scores in injury time - was short of the line.
    • Ten minutes into the second half he landed a penalty to level the scores.
    • The captain missed a penalty which would have levelled the scores.
    • They were unlucky to go into half-time without levelling the score.
    • Disappointment was transferred instantly to points as the scores were levelled through another try in the corner.
    • After levelling the scores they took the lead for the first time on the last end to take the game 26-20 with a four.
    • His second conversion levelled the match.
    • New Zealand went close to levelling the score soon after the restart.
    • He levelled the scores from the penalty spot.
  • 3

    to level sth at sb/sth apuntarle a algn con algo
    • you can't level that criticism at me no me puedes acusar de eso
    • When the rustlers spin round and glare at you, levelling their pistols in your direction, whistle nonchalantly.
    • Maybe the criticism should be levelled at the designer of the cover rather than the photographer?
    • All sorts of bizarre accusations have been levelled at me.
    • The eight men were leveling their weapons at the truck.
    • The anti-anticraft guns were turned not to aim into the air but were leveled to spray the ground with rapidly fired rounds.
    • The yob threw the man to the floor and again levelled the weapon at his head, but then the gang fled with a haul of just £2,000.
    • A lot of criticism was levelled at the legislation when it was introduced in 2000.
    • She immediately levels her shotgun at the boy, who makes a quick dash away.
    • Instinctively Lee levels his rifle at the three enemy soldiers and orders them to leave or he will shoot.
    • Criticism was levelled at each of the professions involved.
    • Some of the accusations being levelled at individuals and institutions are of the worst kind - rape, bullying, neglect, incompetence.
    • One criticism that might be levelled at him is that he is too soft.
    • ‘I'll give you one more chance’ he spat out, leveling his gun at her head.
    • No criticism has been levelled at the councillor who withdrew her nomination for mayor and subsequently changed her vote.
    • The businessman and his family were enjoying a steak lunch when the hit man pulled up outside the restaurant, lowered the car window and levelled a machine gun.
    • The steward concerned is extremely upset that this accusation has been levelled against him.
    • The pipers of the Highland division sound their battle hymns, bayonets are levelled - and the Eighth Army is swallowed up in the darkness and confusion of battle.
    • The man backed away from view as she leveled her rifle again.
    • If those accusations were levelled at the other councillor it would be understandable.
    • He leveled his pistol and fired, hitting one of the men in the shoulder.
    • Care should be taken with the manner in which criticism was levelled at other countries' leaders.
    • The only criticism that could be levelled against him is a lack of patience.
    • Criticism was often levelled at the medical profession for the manner in which the information was given.
    • That is a criticism that has been levelled at us and it is wrong.
    • Soldiers levelled guns at people left with no food or water in soaring temperatures.
    • There are a lot of little individual criticisms that can be levelled against the album, but overall, it works and it works well.
    • The guards leveled their weapons, and everybody shut up.
    • He levelled the gun at me and without any further warning fired it straight at me from about 10 feet away.
    • He leveled the gun at a young woman who slowed her car.
    • Let us begin by reviewing one of the oldest accusations leveled at economic growth.
    • The outrage was levelled in equal measure against the investigators, for believing their own data, and the journal for publishing it.
    • Adam leveled the rifle at the rider, willing his hands not to shake.
    • He walked over to Justin and leveled a gun at his chest.
    • In some cases, the people being accused were not even aware that an accusation had been levelled against them!
    • The young man levelled his rifle again and fired.
    • If any criticism is to be levelled at him it is that he played far too much injury time at the end of the game.
    • This has led to all sorts of unfair and unsubstantiated accusations being leveled against me.
    • Despite all the council's flaws, and the criticisms that can be levelled at it, the organization has considerable achievements to its name.
    • When they were within range he leapt up, levelled a pistol at the helpless group and demanded cash.
    • The two grunted angrily, leveling their weapons at her.

intransitive verblevelled, levelling, leveling, leveled


  • 1

    (be honest)
    to level with sb ser franco / sincero con algn
    • Why does the Administration have such difficulty in leveling with the American people?
    • You're not levelling with me, sweetheart.
    • As mentioned I have leveled with her and am prepared to do all I can to win her trust back.
    • It will be key for the Democrats to force the matter and tie it to the broader issue of the president's lack of credibility and fear of levelling with the American people.
    • He isn't levelling with his constituents.
    • That would require levelling with the American people about unpleasant realities and the difficult choices that lie ahead.
    • Ministers said they were levelling with voters on this issue.
    • The Prime Minister is having to draw on his last reserves of personal conviction, and convince us that he is levelling with the country.
    • The Government should cease interfering with the judiciary and start levelling with the citizenry.
    • Governments will lay aside the soft soap and start levelling with us.
    • I don't understand at all why he is not levelling with the Opposition in terms of what's going on here.
    • But the image of him taking control and levelling with people in an honest and compassionate way has been burned into the American psyche.