Translation of level in Spanish:


nivel, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈlɛvəl//ˈlɛv(ə)l/


  • 1

    • 1.1(height, honest)

      nivel masculine
      above/below the level of the window por encima/debajo del nivel de la ventana
      • water level nivel del agua
      • at eye/shoulder level a la altura de los ojos/hombros
      • his window is on a level with ours su ventana está al mismo nivel que la nuestra
      • (honest) on the level
      • is it all on the level? ¿es un asunto limpio?
      • he's definitely on the level estoy seguro de que es un tipo bien
      • Water passes in and out through channels between the islands as ocean levels change.
      • Continuous rain in the first week saw river levels rise and temperatures drop.
      • During the summer months, decreases in river, lake and reservoir levels are likely to occur.
      • Reservoir levels may look alarmingly low but water chiefs are confident the region is not facing a crisis.
      • The rise of sea levels with the release of glacial waters at the end of the last ice age flooded the plain between what is now the UK and Europe.
      • My studies also demonstrated that the rainfall, river flow and groundwater levels are increasing.
      • Riverside homeowners were keeping one eye firmly on the clouds today as river levels rose even higher through the night.
      • In a matter of hours, the water levels had risen to his window.
      • Lower dam levels lead to lower amounts of hydro power.
      • If river levels sink too low, barges could be grounded and agriculture thrown into chaos.
      • There was a slight rise in the river level of a few inches.
      • Sea levels were low because water was frozen in ice sheets in Antartica.
      • Flood levels in Ryedale were going down but yesterday's downpour could make it worse, experts claimed.
      • He sleeps three hours a night, wakes at six in the morning to monitor the state's reservoir levels.
      • Mr Stainer said part of the plan included raising the level of the land to guard against flooding.
      • Groundwater levels rose and fell over a period of about 45 minutes.
      • Twelve trial holes were inspected last year to determine soil suitability and water table levels on the proposed site.
      • Water levels on the lake were very low and conditions have not been very favourable for angling with few anglers fishing the lakes.
      • As soon as flood levels start to drop water will be fed back into the river along the new water course.
      • Most North American cities will flood and sink when the polar ice caps melt and raise ocean levels.

    • 1.2(degree, amount)

      nivel masculine
      pollution has reached alarming levels la contaminación ha alcanzado niveles / cotas alarmantes
      • a high level of literacy un alto nivel / índice de alfabetización
      • A priority is supporting regeneration in areas with high levels of social and economic difficulty.
      • The survey found that 47 per cent of consumers said they were suffering from above normal levels of stress.
      • Until 1998, female Army recruits were not expected to reach the same level of physical fitness as men.
      • What will it take to keep oil imports at today's level in 2020?
      • Even low levels of weekly exercise drive down blood pressure and boost overall fitness.
      • Therefore when social, legal and administrative systems reach a certain level of complexity they cease functioning.
      • He designed a safety valve to prevent the pressure of steam building up to dangerous levels.
      • The Environment Agency tested the water in Manor House Gardens pond and found oxygen levels to be well above safe levels.
      • In a separate development, air pollution at Eastleigh town centre has been found to be way above acceptable levels.
      • Rainfall also dipped below the usual seasonal levels at 56 mm, or 60 per cent of the average.
      • The Minimum Income Guarantee gives out cash to those who are living below minimum levels set by the Government.
      • Tests have found about one in seven UK lettuces with above approved levels of a pesticide, the Government announced yesterday.
      • Their businesses are based on low levels of investment and are not especially labour intensive.
      • The recession has resulted in unprecedented levels of unemployment and a dramatic increase in poverty.
      • However, what's an acceptable level of unemployment?
      • It should also have a healthy and vibrant economy with low levels of unemployment and deprivation, with an increase in quality homes.
      • And as unemployment rose to record levels, people have stopped spending so freely, causing prices to drop.
      • However, if the pressure in the reservoir tanks falls below a certain level, an alarm will sound for the driver.
      • Maintaining acceptable levels of water quality is important to human and environmental health.
      • For the first time last year, unemployment rose to an unprecedented level of 10 percent.

  • 2

    nivel masculine
    at ministerial/cabinet level a nivel ministerial/de gabinete
    • a top-level meeting una reunión de / a alto nivel
    • at national/regional/local level a nivel nacional/regional/local
    • to be on a level with sb/sth estar a la par de / a la altura de algn/algo
    • this latest scandal is on a level with … este último escándalo es equiparable a / comparable con …
    • they're both on the same level están al mismo nivel
    • how could you sink to such a level? ¿cómo pudiste haber caído tan bajo?
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    • 3.1Architecture
      (of building)

      nivel masculine
      • A woman died after jumping from the fifth level of a multi-storey car park.
      • It has three levels with three reception rooms and four bedrooms.
      • It was not intended that there would be balconies at first floor level around the edges of the deck.
      • The ground floor shops and upper ground level occupy an area of 4,563 sq ft each.
      • The house had two levels and a flat roof, much like all the other buildings in the city.
      • Glass walkways connected the buildings to their neighbours and to the central building at three levels.
      • The new building has four levels, linked by a new lift as well as stairs.
      • There are two bedrooms and a shower room on the upper level of the extension.
      • Also at this level is a granny flat with a television room, kitchenette, bedroom and shower room.
      • A different architect has designed each floor, giving each level a very different feel.
      • Additionally, there are several new ‘malls,’ some of which are three or more levels with no parking facilities.
      • The major landmarks of Paris are a bewitching sight from the various levels of the tower.
      • Being built on four levels with the ground floor reserved for secure parking, the flats will have panoramic views north across the Forth estuary to Fife.
      • The contractor is to arrange for the carpets to be lifted from the ground and first floor levels and removed off site prior to work starting.
      • Everything was spread out over five different levels with precious few staircases open to the public.
      • The building will be joined at many levels to the main building.
      • The first tidal wave caused damage to the bottom of the hotel, but it was the second wave, an hour and a half later, which wrecked the first few levels of the buildings.
      • There is a department store on the beach road, Ocean Plaza, which is still flooded at the lower level.
      • Wildlife often seek refuge from flood waters on upper levels of a home and may remain inside even after the water recedes.
      • Subterranean termites tunnel in moist soil to find wood, putting decks and lower levels of buildings at risk.

    • 3.2(in mine)

      galería feminine

  • 4

    nivel masculine


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  • 2

    (unemotional, calm)
    (voice/tone) desapasionado
    to keep a level head no perder la cabeza
    • a level head is vital in business la sensatez es esencial en los negocios
  • 3

    (at same height)
    to be level ( with sth) estar al nivel / a ras ( de algo)
  • 4

    (in a race, abreast, equal)
    the two teams were level at half-time al medio tiempo los dos equipos iban / estaban empatados
    • as far as ability goes they're level en cuanto a capacidad están al mismo nivel
    • average earnings have kept level with inflation el salario medio ha ido subiendo a la par de la inflación
    • (in a race) to draw level with sb alcanzar a algn
  • 5

    (ground/surface) plano
    (ground/surface) llano
    that picture's not level ese cuadro no está derecho
    • a level tablespoonful of flour una cucharada rasa de harina
    • to do / try one's level best hacer todo lo posible

transitive verb

  • 1

  • 2

    (make flat)
    (ground/surface) nivelar
    (ground/surface) aplanar
    (ground/surface) allanar
    (ground/surface) emparejar
  • 3

    (raze, flatten)
    (town/building) arrasar
  • 4

    (make equal)
    social leveling nivelación social feminine
  • 5

    to level sth at sb/sth apuntarle a algn con algo
    • you can't level that criticism at me no me puedes acusar de eso

intransitive verb

  • 1informal

    (be honest)
    to level with sb ser franco / sincero con algn