Translation of levelheaded in Spanish:


equilibrado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌlɛvəlˈhɛdəd//ˌlɛv(ə)lˈhɛdɪd/


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    (temperament/person) equilibrado
    (person/temperament) sensato
    (decision/answer) sensato
    • If you want sober, cautious, level-headed judgment read The Economist.
    • A calm and level-headed examination of the facts cleared that up, and probably added to Bishop Robertson's case.
    • He was a kind, gentle man but was a great practical joker - though still very much level-headed.
    • She was always seen as calm and level-headed, always speaking in a mild and soothing tone.
    • Most of us are a level-headed bunch with good street-sense.
    • The hope that irrational people will act rationally is a perpetual delusion of the level-headed.
    • Firstly, no child, however level-headed and mature, is safe from the menace of drugs.
    • Somehow, she managed to be warm and caring, while yet remaining cool and level-headed.
    • It is the most realistic and level-headed account I have read.
    • For a quiet, level-headed lad, who is usually so composed and unflappable on the pitch, the prospect is one that exhilarates.
    • I like to think of myself as relatively calm and level-headed, pretty much trundling along on an emotional even keel.
    • Like the introduction of decimal currency, the advent of the Euro was an opportunity no level-headed business man or woman would miss.
    • I am, however, interested in a civilised, level-headed discussion, and I will take an active interest in what you all write.
    • She must be level-headed and sober enough to realise that certain statements do not help to serve the country at all.
    • For what he knew, she was level-headed and exuded confidence on a regular basis.
    • You pride yourself on being calm and level-headed, and here you are crying over the consequences of something you don't even know for sure is real?
    • It is also admirably level-headed in its approach.
    • One is a practical optimist, the other a level-headed pragmatist.
    • She is also usually level-headed, pleasant, intelligent and courteous.
    • We're expected to be very level-headed and sane in the face of chaos.