Translation of lewd in Spanish:


lascivo, adj.

Pronunciation /l(j)uːd//lud/


  • 1

    (comment/suggestion) lascivo
    (look/thought) lascivo
    (look/thought) lujurioso
    (joke/song) subido de tono
    (song/joke) verde informal
    (song/joke) colorado Mexico informal
    • Any local band can apply to play a set on stage, but organisers are warning acts that obscene lyrics and lewd behaviour are out of the question.
    • We do not endorse those who must resort to lewd suggestiveness in an attempt to create humor.
    • Once the lewd photographs had been sent they were circulated among students and came to the attention of parents and fellow teachers.
    • Twelve viewers complained that one of the performances included lewd and offensive gestures.
    • Some of the narrative is overtly sexual, with a flash of lewd for good measure.
    • His dialogues border on the vulgar and the lewd and thanks to his ilk, we know why people look down upon the rustic.
    • Do your sexual encounters place you in danger of arrest for lewd conduct or public indecency?
    • Each count involving lewd or lascivious acts carries potential prison time of three, six or eight years.
    • It is now renowned for its booze cruises, clubs and lewd behaviour.
    • She's accused of having lewd and lascivious conduct with one of her students.
    • The Management would like to apologize for the lewd and unsophisticated content of this post.
    • Apart from other harassment, sexual assault and passing lewd remarks reign supreme.
    • When he drank too much he would become abusive, and could also be lewd and crude.
    • All lewd and indecent shows should be stopped and places that harbor prostitution should be closed down.
    • As Gilman points out, in a short story this would be the moment where she'd realize that the idol of her dreams was in fact a lewd creep.
    • If parents are not there to discipline their youngsters, then who are next in line to discourage lewd behaviour?
    • They send their minions to incite and encourage lewd behaviour in attempts to take their cash.
    • They endured lewd jokes, taunting and unwelcome physical contact.
    • He's probably getting a big kick out of manipulating you with his lewd suggestions.