Translation of liable in Spanish:


reponsable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlaɪ(ə)b(ə)l//ˈlʌɪəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    • 1.1(responsible)

      to be liable for sth ser responsable de algo
      • to hold sb liable considerar a algn responsable
      • The trial judge held the defendants liable for failing to close down that part of the factory.
      • A court could find him liable for the very acts involved in the criminal charges.
      • The judge then considered the possibility of the defendants being vicariously liable for negligence of their social workers.
      • The owner was held vicariously liable for the negligence of the driver.
      • With respect to the windows, the doctor conceded that the plaintiffs were not holding the defendant company liable for the design of the windows.
      • A lower court held the defendants liable for damages.
      • A corporation is vicariously liable for strict liability offences to exactly the same extent as a natural person.
      • However, the defendant is liable for the republication or for the damage caused by it.
      • The employers were not vicariously liable for his negligence.
      • Might the host ever be legally liable for that injury?
      • Supervisors can be civilly and criminally liable in instances that result in substantial injury or death.
      • The general rule in tort is that an employer is not liable for the acts of an independent contractor.
      • Neither you nor any other person is liable for the payments on the cards.
      • Where the plaintiff could reasonably avoid losses, the defendant is not liable for those losses.
      • As a general principle, people are not legally liable for failing to act, so that a distinction should be drawn between causing death and failing to keep the patient alive.
      • If the covenant has the meaning suggested by the lessees, the lessors are liable for breach of the implied covenant.
      • If an infringement occurs, everyone in the chain of sale is separately and jointly liable.
      • Both defendants are joint and severally liable for the plaintiff's loss.
      • The valuer is not liable unless he is negligent.
      • In tort, one is not liable for every injury caused by one's negligence.

    • 1.2(subject)

      to be liable for/to sth
      • you're not liable for military service estás exento de / no te corresponde prestar servicio militar
      • any income is liable for tax cualquier ingreso es gravable / está sujeto a impuestos
      • liable to alteration without notice sujeto a cambios sin previo aviso
      • you will be liable to a 15% surcharge le pueden hacer un recargo del 15%
      • Failure to comply with any of those provisions will render building workers liable to imprisonment.
      • Is she liable to repay his debts, as the demands are being sent to her home?
      • The law is that if people commit serious criminal offences and they're non-citizens, they're liable to deportation.
      • He indicated councillors could be personally liable to pay back any loan themselves if they ignored legal advice.
      • Can we elect to have the whole of the income assessed to tax on my wife, who is only liable to basic rate tax?
      • Unlicensed fireworks displays, even on private property, are illegal and may render the participants liable to prosecution.

  • 2

    • 2.1

      to be liable to + inf
      • I'm liable to forget puede / es probable que me olvide
      • the earlier model was liable to overheat el modelo anterior tenía tendencia a recalentarse

    • 2.2(susceptible)

      to be liable to sth ser propenso a algo