Translation of liaison in Spanish:


enlace, n.

Pronunciation /liˈeɪzɑn//lɪˈeɪz(ə)n//lɪˈeɪzɒn//ˈliəˌzɑn/


  • 1

    • 1.1(coordination)

      enlace masculine
      contacto masculine
      coordinación feminine
      • We think that educational sessions for small groups of family doctors and close liaison with psychiatric colleagues can greatly improve the recognition of depression and the care of people with depression.
      • This has been done through close liaison with many local and national bodies.
      • It is also our intention to work in closer liaison with the fans and the local authority.
      • This preliminary experience suggests that, despite close liaison with the primary care group, the referral process will take time to be adopted and implemented.
      • Our audit illustrates why we must consider non-attendance within the wider social context and the importance of close liaison with social services.
      • Saunas, white-water rafting and a very close liaison with the local military combined to make this a most successful visit.
      • Nursing support and close liaison with the general practitioner and education and social services are necessary.
      • There is also close liaison with the school's reception class.
      • The Department of Agriculture will continue to maintain close liaison with the Northern Ireland authorities.
      • On the contrary, ‘lobbying’ must be applied vigorously in close liaison with constituent social movements.
      • He said the Institute was putting in place a framework for the resolution of the problem and towards this end, it would work in close liaison with the residents, students, community leaders and the Gardai.
      • The university is in close liaison with the police and a formal complaint has been laid with the Commercial Investigation Branch.
      • After many phone calls between the ship and the UK, along with close liaison with the contractor support team, a new engine was shipped out.
      • The party also proposes closer liaison with local governments and private organizations to help refugees.
      • Stimulants should be prescribed judiciously and monitored carefully by specialists in close liaison with primary care physicians.
      • The police have to work a good deal harder to develop closer liaison with the transport providers.
      • A spokesman for Essex Health Authority said it had been in close liaison with the school and was helping it to pass on advice to parents on how to spot meningitis.
      • There has been a great deal of liaison with the local community and with the peaceful groups who wanted to demonstrate.
      • Management of toxicities in the community requires close liaison with the hospital team, and severe toxicity requires immediate admission.
      • FBI field offices with these types of schools in their area should establish appropriate liaison.

    • 1.2(person, official)

      enlace masculine
      contacto masculine
      • Advisers serve advisees as advocates, guides, group leaders, community builders, liaisons with parents, and evaluation coordinators.
      • If you want to interview someone in particular, see if a media liaison can arrange it for you.
      • This eight-week program trains parents to be active participants and advocates in their children's education and to share these skills as community liaisons.
      • The media liaisons are there to ensure that the press has something to write about.
      • I'm a liaison between the scientific community and the public.
      • To assist them, they hired an Italian liaison who lives in Italy and speaks fluent Italian.
      • Keith has been in Bulgaria since April working as a liaison of the American Bar Association.
      • As health care professionals, we must see ourselves as social activists and community liaisons.
      • This dual responsibility helps them to be effective communicators, serving as liaisons between software engineers and the user community.
      • When not covering specific cases, the team of six officers act as police liaisons with both the hip-hop world and detectives covering a similar beat in California and Florida.
      • Second, when outside assistance is sought, family members frequently serve as liaisons between elderly relatives and health care systems.

  • 2literary

    affaire masculine
    relación feminine
    • The idea of a liaison with such an older man seemed to hold a fascination which they often discussed among themselves.
    • In fact, she rents an apartment so they can conduct their liaison without being disturbed.
    • Despite his unpleasant personality, he was remarkably successful at this, although these liaisons rarely lasted beyond a single night.
    • In some traditional stories, the temple fair was even a place for romantic liaisons.
    • The protagonist of this novel, married young to a much older man, embarks on an adulterous liaison with one of his friends.
    • Seductive women pursue sexual liaisons, as well - they just employ different tactics.
    • In desperation, she entered warily into a sexual liaison with an army captain, who offered some promise of economic stability.
    • For most modern readers, the idea that Isabel is intending an eventual extra-marital liaison is grotesque.
    • Above and below, divisions blur and the long-established equilibrium is knocked off balance amid revelations of illicit sexual liaisons and dubious business dealings.
    • A couple of slaps later they were advised to be careful in their romantic liaisons.
    • Imagine if we held America accountable for every secret liaison its agents have ever made.
    • Their liaisons are unlikely to lead to anything permanent - they're just having a good time.
    • His tie to her will last longer than most adulterous liaisons.
    • In 1613, she was accused of having a sexual liaison with a neighbour and to clear her name, went to the Church Court.
    • Isn't that one of the primary reasons for engaging in an illicit liaison in the first place?
  • 3

    enlace masculine
    ligazón feminine
    • Perhaps, in the final analysis, French liaison and linking in English may not be so different after all.