Translation of liaison officer in Spanish:

liaison officer

oficial de enlace, n.


  • 1

    oficial de enlace masculine
    • It also included a talk by a fire officer and a school liaison officer.
    • In April 2002, he was jailed for six weeks for contempt of court for spitting at a police liaison officer in court.
    • A prison liaison officer from York is helping to educate children about the perils of drug addiction through a Channel 4 documentary.
    • The union plans to appoint a community liaison officer whose job it will be to lobby the council and provide answers to local communities.
    • Some of the facilities provided include a liaison officer who discusses with disabled groups how the quality of services can be improved.
    • Clubs must also provide qualified coaches, first aiders, child protection officers and a schools liaison officer.
    • A liaison officer will travel with the team to ensure that the riders are safe.
    • When asked by our liaison officer if he would see us, he agreed to do so - for just five minutes.
    • One area where the force may have come in for criticism was in the lack of a liaison officer for missing children.
    • The easiest way to handle this situation is to assign to the Ambassador a personal liaison officer.
    • She and Peter also get visits from a police liaison officer, but the news invariably remains the same - no leads, no sightings, no reports.
    • George emphasises that he is a liaison officer, not a police officer.
    • He asked a police liaison officer to thank Mr Ward for what he was trying to do.
    • As a wildlife liaison officer with North Yorkshire Police it is his job to ensure wildlife is protected and rural crime prevented.
    • His wife is an educational liaison officer on heritage issues.
    • A college-employed liaison officer would take over the staff post and the union would no longer have complete autonomy from the institution.
    • The liaison officer can then discover what the patient needs.
    • The racing car legend is an athlete liaison officer staying with the Australians in the village.
    • Denise sobbed and hugged a police liaison officer as he was sentenced.
    • As a police officer, he had also been the school liaison officer and his past experience in working with young people helped him decide which path his future should take.