Translation of libel in Spanish:


difamación, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈlʌɪb(ə)l//ˈlaɪbəl/


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    difamación feminine
    calumnia feminine
    (action/suit) (before noun) por difamación
    (suit/action) (before noun) por calumnia
    to sue (sb) for libel demandar (a algn) por difamación/calumnia
    • to publish a libel publicar un libelo
    • libel laws leyes contra la difamación
    • Britain's libel laws are almost the opposite of those in the United States.
    • A third common law offence which may involve strict liability is that of blasphemous libel.
    • Ironically, the action is over a short story concerning a previous libel action.
    • The libel action deals with events surrounding the closure of Irish Press newspapers in 1995.
    • During the 1790s Pitt frequently resorted to seditious libel as a blunt instrument against the reform movement.

transitive verb

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    (damage reputation)