Translation of liberal in Spanish:


generoso, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈlɪb(ə)r(ə)l//ˈlɪb(ə)rəl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(generous)

      (backer/sponsor) generoso
      you've been rather liberal with the pepper se te ha ido un poco la mano con la pimienta
      • He was even liberal in dishing out helpings for Natalia.
      • Their son was particularly concerned that we bless the space under his bed, so I was liberal with the holy water for his sake.
      • Ellis was liberal with the fiction and facts in his new novel.
      • He was very liberal when it came to buying drinks, and in return I was a friend to him.

    • 1.2(plentiful)

      (portion/supply) abundante
      (supply/portion) generoso
      • There was also a liberal amount of calamari, but mostly just legs that weren't that appealing to chase around with a fork.
      • Another excellent combination is with sushi, especially if you like a liberal amount of wasabi with your fish.
      • She poured a liberal amount over her cereal, and then began to eat.
      • Tips for reducing exposure to UV radiation include wearing protective clothing, applying liberal amounts of sunscreen and staying in the shade as much as possible.
      • Garden ponds won't count, though, so if you have a swimming pool, fill it with water lilies and goldfish, take down the diving board and apply liberal amounts of weed and reeds until he has gone.
      • Grate liberal amounts of Parmesan on top, making sure your eagerness doesn't cause you to scrape the tips of your fingers on your extra sharp cheese grater.
      • Water plants deeply once a week as weather heats up, and surround them with liberal amounts of mulch to shade the soil and add organic matter.
      • Wide windows stared out across the porch into the street, and, in return, brought in liberal amounts of the clear autumn sunshine.
      • He ordered a cup of black coffee and a Danish, added a liberal amount of milk, then found a stool facing the boarding gates and sat down.
      • This early stage of the diet allows liberal amounts of fat and protein, and only twenty grams of carbohydrates per day.
      • If circumstances allow, at a party or ceremony, grilled chicken, soft drinks, and bottled beer are served and consumed in liberal amounts.
      • His dirty blond hair, having been cut short three months previous, had grown out some, and the man had spiked it using the girls' hair gel in liberal amounts.
      • Then you want a nice mayo, white vinegar, relish base, with liberal amounts of pepper, some salt and paprika.
      • Remove to a large oven tray, and add liberal amounts of good olive oil and sea salt.
      • Note that the patient has used liberal amounts of hair gel, hair spray, and perfume, all of which act as fuel and accelerants for a fire.
      • Current tradition requires dousing the beast in a liberal amount of whisky while accompanying it with an even larger measure.
      • Group scout leader Ann Pope restored the mace to its former glory with liberal amounts of metal polish, furniture wax and elbow grease, and a handing-back ceremony was arranged.
      • Sprinkle a liberal amount over dry carpeting or upholstery, making sure the item is covered with a thin layer of baking soda.
      • Elaine poured out a liberal amount of brandy to warm him.
      • On the floor of the first gallery, a space meant to represent aridity, would be a few shallow pools of oil, small amounts of glass and liberal sprinklings of red powder.

  • 2

    (education/studies) humanista
  • 3

    • 3.1(tolerant)

      (ideas/views/attitude) liberal
      (interpretation/translation) libre
      • That we shouldn't meddle in other countries if our own country needs work is also a liberal idea.
      • I think it is even more important than ever that the open, generous, liberal view have a responsible and regular voice.
      • A deepening conflict between the liberal intelligentsia and the government has developed over the last several years.
      • They tend to be more liberal on social issues.
      • The result: a man with some very liberal ideas, such as nationalized healthcare, won.
      • Friends and family call me liberal, but that's not entirely true.
      • His liberal family accepted his homosexuality.
      • In spite of all experience they hoped that Prussia was more open to liberal ideas than Austria.
      • My parents are very liberal and open so we'll be fine.
      • It's not a liberal idea that will cause the ruination of civilization.
      • Why do liberal ideas often connect to unhappiness?
      • Western countries pride themselves on their supposedly liberal acceptance of different cultures.
      • Who will defend liberal ideas against the enemy of liberal ideas?
      • He's too liberal on social issues and his name sends minority communities into a rage.
      • I think that these kinds of liberal ideas are pervasive in Western societies.

    • 3.2Politics

      del Partido Liberal
      the Liberal Party el Partido Liberal


  • 1

    (progressive thinker)
    (masculine and feminine) liberal
  • 2

    (party member)
    (masculine and feminine) liberal