Translation of license in Spanish:


permiso, n.

(British licence)

Pronunciation /ˈlaɪs(ə)ns//ˈlʌɪs(ə)ns/


  • 1

    • 1.1(permit)

      permiso masculine
      licencia feminine
      fishing/hunting license permiso de pesca/caza
      • import/export license permiso de importación/exportación
      • liquor license permiso para vender bebidas alcohólicas
      • (in UK) they were married by special license se casaron con una licencia especial
      • to manufacture sth under license fabricar algo bajo licencia
      • pilot's license licencia de piloto
      • it's a license to print money es una mina de oro
      • The aviation authority said the company could fly charters, but that license expires in two months.
      • No tenancy or licence exists giving you permission to be there.
      • He had had no official schooling, no driver's licence, no electoral registration.
      • I wanted to have that date on my licence, and the officials said no.
      • They have also indicated an intention to grant a form of license, which would permit only the acceptance of clay and topsoil at the landfill for the purpose of restoration and landscaping.
      • In some cases, it says that such sites have been operating without a permit or licence for more than 20 years.
      • Virtually no account is taken of the often cruel results of losing one's licence - loss of job, and all that can follow from that.
      • A pilot's license gives them permission to knock on the door.
      • Anglers are reminded that this competition is open to everyone and no permit or license is required.
      • Apparently we needed to sign in front of an official so that our learner's license could be processed.
      • Phantom was a former pirate radio station, which had tried several times to get an official radio licence.
      • North West Radio are expected to hold on to their licence when the new franchise winners are announced this evening.
      • He expects to receive an official banking license soon.
      • In the US it is mandatory for teenagers to receive formal training before they are given a driver's licence.
      • All stockings must first be washed in an approved disinfectant and hung on boundary gateposts together with a copy of the official licence.
      • The licence grants permission to the licencee to make copies of the work.
      • It is the official licence holder for the English, Scottish and German football associations and most of the Premiership and Nationwide League clubs.
      • The licence, officially known as an International Shipping Approval, carries the right of renewal for a further 12 months.
      • If you do not obtain this licence, any police officer or relevant council official can force you to move on and you may even find your way onto a blacklist.
      • Any change in the terms of this licence will require the permission of the Governors.

  • 2

    • 2.1(freedom)

      the editor permitted himself considerable license el editor se tomó bastantes libertades
      • poetic/dramatic/artistic license licencia poética/dramática/artística

    • 2.2formal (excessive freedom)

      libertinaje masculine
      • I believe that the Government has taken excessive licence from the views of the select committee.
      • By avoiding the messiness of debate that a real democracy requires, we have given license to the excesses we now bemoan.
      • Rather than promoting self control and continent behaviour, we are encouraging unlimited licence.
      • Equally important, it protects freedom from itself, tempering excesses of individual license by postulating a higher moral code.
      • And a nation which is treated like children will behave childishly, in perpetual reaction against its lack of licence.
      • The unchecked power of corrupt rural officials has given them license to tax the peasants beyond endurable limits and to pack the public payroll with relatives and cronies.

transitive verb

  • 1

    otorgarle un permiso a
    otorgarle una licencia a
    this taxi is licensed to carry up to four passengers este taxi está autorizado para transportar hasta cuatro pasajeros