Translation of license plate in Spanish:

license plate

matrícula, n.


  • 1

    matrícula feminine
    placa feminine
    patente feminine Southern Cone
    chapa feminine River Plate
    • I wrote the number of the license plate down, and stuck it in my back pocket.
    • When a police car is near yours he gets a letter or number off your license plate.
    • That's equivalent to reading an automobile license plate from 100 kilometers away.
    • Worried about automatic cameras snapping a picture of your license plate as you speed through red lights?
    • And it was reported to us as a gray automobile with the partial license plate of 266.
    • When my number was called we went to a counter with a nice old lady who took my money, then gave me a Kleenex to wipe off my license plate to affix the sticker.
    • As he gazed upon the license plate in front of him with its letters and numbers, he almost wished for a car.
    • His vehicle has sustained no damage whatsoever - just a bent license plate.
    • We can rattle off the number of a license plate that could lead to a sniper's arrest.
    • In Washington D.C., a cop threatened to arrest me once because I didn't have a front license plate on my car.
    • Before he got in his car I couldn't help but remember his license plate.
    • She strained in the bright morning sunlight to see the license plate.
    • Whenever they spot an out-of-state license plate, have them use crayons to color in that state on their map.
    • She looked at the license plate as the red car drove off.
    • Once he enters it in there he could have it look up the license plate to find out who was driving it.
    • She focused on his license plate, but couldn't really record the number.
    • The victim also caught several numbers on the license plate as well as the make of the car.
    • They also ripped the license plate off it and took it with them to take somewhere else so they wouldn't identify the car right away.
    • A license plate belonging to a car was found next to the body.
    • That's when you catch the snoop in your rear-view mirror, methodically recording your license plate in a notepad.