Translation of lichen in Spanish:


liquen, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlaɪkən//ˈlɪtʃ(ə)n//ˈlʌɪk(ə)n/


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    liquen masculine
    • Mosses, ferns and green and white lichens sprawled all over the wet rock wall that bounded the inner curve of the levada.
    • There are a lot of mosses and lichens, simple in that respect, but it provides a habitat for such a range and complexity of wildlife that come ashore to breed.
    • The elements and the wood of the tree have fed the lichens and mosses.
    • A large number of invertebrates, bryophytes, and lichens are also likely to depend on large dead trees.
    • These include the lichens, mosses and liverworts, all of which are worth a closer look through a magnifying glass in order to appreciate their true beauty.
    • Ancient fluorescent lichens cling to rocks, and fluffy Arctic cotton softens the harshness of the landscape.
    • In addition to the algae in lichens, bacteria are invariably associated with the lichen thallus.
    • Although they seem barren, the flat rock outcrops, known as pavement rock, support some lichens and mosses.
    • It is thus important to determine the order of magnitude of the acceleration effect on biogenic weathering by soil microorganisms, lichens and vascular plants.
    • The primary objective of this study was to document the lichens, bryophytes and vascular plants present at the High Line.
    • In contrast to higher plants, lichens and mosses are capable of tolerating full dehydration.
    • It seemed incredible that anything could live here, but different-coloured lichens clung to the rocks and gave them their sunset tones.
    • A special class of these, oleananes, are formed by flowering plants, some ferns and lichens.
    • In that position it will be only partially visible to visitors and effectively inhibit the growth of lichens.
    • Yellow dyes from native lichens and tree bark were replaced by Old Fustic, a flowering plant, and quercitron bark, both from North America.
    • The culture in the yoghurt brings up a weather-beaten effect within weeks and encourages the growth of lichens.
    • I fancy that it had been there long before the avenue was constructed, for the grey tiles were stained with lichens, and the walls were mildewed and discoloured with age.
    • Despite the wide diversity of the basic growth forms, all lichens have a similar internal morphology.
    • A profusion of mosses, liverworts, lichens and ferns cover the woodland floor and festoon tree trunks and branches.
    • Prior to data collection, samples of lichens were collected from tree trunks at twelve of the study sites.