Translation of lid in Spanish:


tapa, n.

Pronunciation /lɪd//lɪd/


  • 1

    (of container)
    tapa feminine
    • Give us a wheelie bin for the recycling waste and if it takes a month for some to fill it, then at least it will be in a secure container with a lid to secure the odours.
    • A cutting board - included with the unit - fits over the stainless steel lid to create a work space.
    • I just stare at the can periodically, wondering what kind of unpleasantness lurks just under that lid.
    • She looked up at him while she closed the fuel tank lid.
    • The steam was still rising from it as the restaurant staff pressed a plastic lid onto the container.
    • Whatever lockbox there is has 536 keys, but more importantly no lid.
    • He advised anyone finding it to try to cover it up and suggested using a dustbin lid if it was curled up so it would be unable to escape.
    • The pictures that decorated the outer covering were faded and the paper hinge that kept the lid fastened to the back side was nearly worn through.
    • Turn heat to high and close lid for at least 10 minutes.
    • Oftentimes, the only thing binding these teapots together is the fact that they each have a handle, spout and lid.
    • He was large and bald and held a slightly dented trashcan lid.
    • Cover with a lid to keep the smell and flies away.
    • Sitting down at the chair, she lifted the first silver lid.
    • Lower the heat so that the milk is barely moving and cover with a lid.
    • After covering the containers with a lid, they were placed into a water bath at 40°C.
    • As a result, it does not need either a tonneau cover nor a roof lid.
    • The removable lid of the two-chambered container supported the plant and was opaque.
    • I lifted the carefully decorated lid and found a note on the inside.
    • A ghosting of orange eye shadow covered his lids and the slightest trace of orange lipstick made him look like a punk rocker.
    • He asked one of the women who worked there, ‘Which lid goes with the medium coffee?’
  • 2eye lid

    párpado masculine