Translation of lieutenant general in Spanish:

lieutenant general

teniente general, n.


  • 1

    teniente general masculine
    • The commander will hold the rank of lieutenant general but should not be confused with the supreme commander, who is chosen by Parliament only during wartime.
    • Three brigades, in turn, combined to form a division commanded by a major general; and two or more divisions, commanded by a lieutenant general, would become an army corps.
    • The commander of Air University will be a lieutenant general.
    • When a cheating scandal at West Point was uncovered in 1977, President Jimmy Carter called him back to active duty as a lieutenant general to become the 51st Superintendent of the Academy.
    • All ranks of lieutenant general, major general and brigadier general are staffed by men.
    • Campaigning in Hungary he again showed his worth as a field commander, and in 1685 was promoted to major general and then lieutenant general in 1688.
    • It typically has 50,000 or more soldiers, is made up of two or more corps, and is commanded by a lieutenant general or general.
    • All officers, from warrant officer 1 to lieutenant general, should use the form.
    • Typically commanded by a lieutenant general or higher, an army combines two or more corps.
    • He was also the first Army Guard director to wear the three stars of a lieutenant general when he was promoted to that rank on June 13, 2001, after Congress approved the rank for the heads of all reserve components.
    • If approved by the Senate, he would become a lieutenant general and the commanding general of the Fifth U.S. Army at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
    • Over the course of the Civil War, 19 officers of the Confederacy wore the rank of lieutenant general.
    • The investigation also resulted in a ROK lieutenant general and major general being relieved of their positions.
    • As of this printing, he has been nominated for promotion to lieutenant general and the position of Army Surgeon General.
    • A corps consists of two or more divisions and is run by a three-star general - a lieutenant general.
    • In spite of his relief, he was promoted to lieutenant general in June 1943, assumed command of U.S. Second Army and was greeted back home as a hero.
    • On one briefing trip, a very wise lieutenant general said, basically, that we should staff our war games with the brightest captains and majors instead of colonels and generals.
    • NAFs will have a lieutenant general as commander and a major general as vice commander, as well as a brigadier general as chief of staff, having completed a tour as an AEF commander.
    • Then a lieutenant general raised his hand and advanced the opinion that the Academy's plan sounded good and well thought out; however, it struck him as too elaborate a level of instruction to be pitched to NCOs.
    • A young lieutenant general named Eisenhower deplored the effectiveness of junior leaders earmarked to invade North Africa.