Translation of life-and-death in Spanish:


de vida o muerte, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈˌlaɪf ən ˈdɛθ///


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    de vida o muerte
    a life-and-death struggle lucha a vida o muerte
    • Most of us wonder how we would respond if we were faced with a life-and-death decision of this kind.
    • To have one of our two major parties so utterly detached from life-and-death reality is a serious problem in our public life, a dangerous flaw in our national strength.
    • Worldviews do have life-and-death consequences.
    • Their life-and-death struggle was caught on tape, too.
    • He's an ex-military man and he knows about life-and-death situations.
    • That would be understandable, given the fact that it is a life-and-death kind of situation.
    • That would improve the lot of the farmers in a life-and-death situation.
    • Data availability is important in medical situations where life-and-death decisions are based on the most-current data.
    • There are more women in charge of agencies that deal with life-and-death emergencies here than in any other major metropolitan city in the nation.
    • We travel, then, in part just to shake up our complacencies by seeing all the moral and political urgencies, the life-and-death dilemmas we seldom have to face at home.
    • His mood was darkly apocalyptic, seeing everything in life-and-death terms.
    • They have neither lived important lives, undergone genuine hardship nor struggled with life-and-death questions.
    • But this may be an acceptable inconvenience, considering the life-and-death importance of a functional alarm.
    • Firefighters say this would mean removing vital crew from the specialist appliances needed for life-and-death situations.
    • For more than 70,000 years, humans lived outside, where life-and-death threats were a constant reality.
    • Undoubtedly, one's beliefs influence how one approaches life-and-death dilemmas, especially euthanasia.
    • In the new Europe, history and its interpretations have real life-and-death consequences.
    • I've used this phrase lately, about serious things, like life-and-death issues and war
    • We have people here that deal in life-and-death situations.
    • Except for rare life-and-death matters, nothing is as important as it first seems.