Translation of life expectancy in Spanish:

life expectancy

esperanza de vida, n.


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    esperanza de vida feminine
    expectativas de vida feminine
    • Which leads me to wonder if the life expectancy of the average blog might not be rather short.
    • Children suffer one of the highest death rates in the world, with an adult life expectancy of just 41 years.
    • Children's lives worldwide are improving, in terms of their life expectancy and general health.
    • It's the risks relevant to the place where you currently live that affect your life expectancy while living there.
    • The average life expectancy of men and women showed a big difference.
    • One in five adults is HIV positive and the average life expectancy at birth is just under 49 years.
    • With the trees only having a natural life expectancy of around 60 years they had to be removed.
    • Towards the end of 1944 the life expectancy of prisoners was limited to an average of a few months.
    • Their little boy is permanently dependent on oxygen and also has a shortened life expectancy.
    • The average life expectancy of a Glasgow man is 68.7, a decade less than men in Dorset.
    • It seems that she is just a natural extension of the life expectancy of the love song.
    • A baby girl born today has an average life expectancy that will span the rest of this century.
    • The average life expectancy is five years and there is a risk he might not come out of the operation but he told us and the doctors that he was up for it.
    • Forecasts suggest that by next year the average life expectancy could be three years.
    • At the time of transition the note had a life expectancy of just six months compared to the coin's 100 years.
    • They are now of an age that exceeds the average life expectancy in the countries where they live.
    • Greater life expectancy and faster than expected growth in wage bills have added to fund costs.
    • That means the average life expectancy for a coach at the club is around nine months.
    • Women in the city fall short of the average of 80.6 years with a life expectancy of 77.3 years.
    • By inviting children to holiday in Ireland it is said to increase their life expectancy by two years.