Translation of life force in Spanish:

life force

fuerza vital, n.


  • 1

    fuerza vital feminine
    • Feel its vital life force surging through your system, obliterating anger and irritation, radiating peace outwards from your heart.
    • Though he is no more, his memory has the life force of a flowing river.
    • To play disc one is to rediscover the swift 4/4 punk stomp as the elementary rhythmic life force it should be.
    • Water - a mysterious life force that carries dimensions impossible to penetrate - is central to the image.
    • Feel its vital life force obliterating anger and irritation - flowing, shaping and creating your heart's desire.
    • A la Recherche du Temps Perdu confirms what I have always felt about him: that he is a life force.
    • It is thus the life force of much of the entertainment industry.
    • You might not like the final product - you might even hate its obsessive and arch re-use of movie and TV history - but you can't argue with its life force.
    • The Mafia's infiltration of every level of official life diverted much-needed funds and sucked the city dry of its life force.
    • You seem to control the life force as you swing lucrative business deals and turn things around.
    • The term we will give to this life force within us is Vitality.
    • Menstruation affects half the population, but is vastly avoided by the general public and regarded not as a life force, but as a curse.