Translation of lifeboat in Spanish:


bote salvavidas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlaɪfˌboʊt//ˈlʌɪfbəʊt/


  • 1

    (on ship)
    bote salvavidas masculine
    • Her 14 crew took to the lifeboats; the ship spent a fortnight jammed on the rocks before sinking into a steep gully, stern in 3m and bow in just 6m.
    • Will everybody get on deck and man the lifeboats?
    • They repainted the ship's funnel and lifeboats, changed its name, then sailed to a rendezvous with a second tanker and transferred most of the cargo before getting clean away.
    • On April the 9th, the men launched the lifeboats and headed for dry land for the first time in many months.
    • She survived by hanging onto a rope on a capsized lifeboat for 19 hours.
    • He apparently believes that if there are not enough lifeboats on a sinking ship, everyone should stand on deck and go down together.
    • He said that somebody should get the orchestra to shut up, and that everybody should be on deck, manning the lifeboats.
    • We found a lifeboat suspended 10 feet above the deck and bedded down under a tarpaulin.
    • What other cause would there be to put people into lifeboats on an unsinkable ship?
    • However as long as the ship had lifeboats on board it was fit to travel.
    • Luckily, Kurt lowered the lifeboat and escaped the sinking vessel.
    • Is it any wonder that Union membership is shrinking and Union Leaders are now jumping ship onto the lifeboats called Parliaments, State, Federal and Local?
    • Nelson liked to salvage a few lifeboats from defeated French ships for this very purpose.
    • Men jumped from the ship into lifeboats, overcrowding them to the point of capsizing.
    • These were flat-bottomed craft with a shallow draft, and were lowered from the davits of larger troop-carrying merchantmen, like lifeboats.
    • Well, when everyone said they were sorry, we searched the ship for a lifeboat… we found one!
    • The order was given to abandon ship and the lifeboats were launched.
    • Fourteen survived in lifeboats before being rescued five days later.
    • Despite removing four lifeboats from the deck, owners believe that the ship can still be towed from the port, possibly to Belfast for dismantling.
    • The suddenness of the attack left no time to launch lifeboats, so the 900 sailors who escaped the sinking ship found themselves floating in life jackets.
  • 2

    lancha de salvamento feminine
    (crew/station) (before noun) de salvamento marítimo
    • Humber Coastguard scrambled a rescue helicopter to the scene and requested the launch of the Humber lifeboat.
    • The lifeboat towed the stricken vessel into Stromness, arriving just before midnight.
    • Some crews have received the new equipment and are able to launch their lifeboats with all the information they need for a rescue beamed directly to them by their operational headquarters.
    • Both Whitby's lifeboats had to be launched to rescue five canoeists who put out to sea in a force nine gale on Saturday.
    • Both the all-weather and inshore lifeboats were launched from Fenit.
    • Two hovercraft, two rescue helicopters and three lifeboats rushed to the scene fearing a repeat of the tragedy which earlier last year claimed the lives of 21 people.
    • His rescue mission was also said to be the inspiration for setting up the first local lifeboat in the area.
    • The vessels and the 2,500 men and women aboard were pounded by 40-foot breaking waves and rescue helicopters and lifeboats struggled to save them.
    • An inshore lifeboat capsized during a rescue attempt and three crew members later required hospital treatment.
    • All seven crew members were rescued by lifeboats from Hamble and Calshot before being transferred to waiting ambulances at Warsash.
    • He will join other specially selected crewmen from lifeboats around the UK for the honour - representing the hundreds of other Scottish lifeboat crewmen.
    • Six all-weather lifeboats, four helicopters, one fixed-wing aircraft and another 26 vessels joined the search in deteriorating conditions.
    • On Sunday the lifeboat rescued a yacht which had run aground off Heir Island.
    • The coast guard was alerted and the inshore lifeboat was sent out from Skegness.
    • Once secure, the lifeboat slowly towed the vessel away from shore and out of danger.
    • A new all-weather lifeboat launching berth has been officially opened.
    • Clacton's lifeboats have been launched 32 times in the past three months, compared to 21 for the same time last year.
    • Both the deep-sea and in-shore lifeboats were launched.
    • Two lifeboats, a rescue helicopter, an RAF Hercules plane and two Navy war ships spent 30 hours scouring the seas and coast but his body was never found.
    • The lifeboat was launched after Fife coastguards received a distress call from the grounded vessel.