Translation of lifeless in Spanish:


anodino, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlaɪfləs//ˈlʌɪfləs/


  • 1

    (prose/appearance) anodino
    (prose/appearance) sin vida
    (hair/painting) sin vida
    (eyes) apagado
    (eyes) sin vida
    (debate/party) poco animado
    • When you take the colour from things it robs the world of its vitality and wonder, and leaves things drab and lifeless.
    • If a writer isn't careful, even the best biblical exegesis can render a parable lifeless.
    • Yes, he is correct in declaring that critical scholarship can be boring and sometimes spiritually lifeless.
    • According to him, you should try eating some probiotic yoghurt because it helps to make lifeless, dull hair glossy and shiny.
    • The left wing think tanks, for instance, are now lifeless, dull and lacking in ideas.
    • If it's dull, boring and lifeless, your reader will surely move on.
    • All in all, the presentation is almost as lifeless as the film itself.
    • The glass-green eyes still flared, but with a flat, lifeless expression.
    • The man who looked back at him was well-muscled and tall, but his eyes were tired and dull, his light brown hair flat and lifeless.
    • Sun, wind, chlorine and salt break down the protein structures that make up each strand of hair, rendering it dull, dry and lifeless.
    • I didn't move further, remaining as lifeless as if I was unconscious.
    • And I'm getting some highlights put in this lank, lifeless hair of mine on Friday, after dithering over the idea for at least two years.
    • She turned to him, and her eyes were dull, her hair limp and lifeless, her lips as gray as the sky.
    • Her long brown hair seemed lifeless, hanging limply down her back.
    • She finally realised that her lifeless platinum hair didn't make her look like a movie star.
    • They are flawless little gems of paintings that are also completely lifeless and dull.
    • But these developments have had consequences for his art, hollowing it out, rendering it lifeless.
    • Her hair seemed lifeless with its now boring length.
    • Generally dry hair is unmanageable, lifeless, dull, frizzy and/or flyaway.
    • She had extremely pale skin; her lips were light pink, almost white, and her hair was limp and lifeless.
  • 2

    (body) (dead) sin vida
    (body) (dead) inánime formal
    (body) (dead) exánime literary
    (body) (unconscious) inerte
    • Within seconds, he had crumpled onto the ground like a lifeless rag doll.
    • The landscape appears to be lifeless, but is home to an array of insects and wildlife.
    • He thought of the dead grass, the lifeless, deceased forests in which no creature lived.
    • She pressed her forehead to his own, and his entire body was cold, lifeless.
    • The cave is not a lifeless place, it is a living thing to which we have to give ourselves; a thing that can be gentle and also be a savage whom changes in temper can render dangerous.
    • The Captain looked as though he wished the first mate was lying lifeless on the floor with the dead men.
    • He was a vegetarian, as he couldn't stand the lifeless sight of a dead deer or fish.
    • He let him go and his pale, lifeless corpse fell to the ground.
    • She had large areas of deep grey under her eyes, which looked hollow, lifeless, dead.
    • The dirty grey pavements were littered with cold, lifeless bodies and the only sound came from the biting autumn wind as it ripped through the trees and chilled him to the bone.
    • His bloody, broken body curled on the floor in a lifeless heap.
    • Though they still appeared glassy, they no longer seemed so lifeless.
    • He twitched a lot and simply stared at the lifeless corpse of his brother.
    • He finally stopped, comatose, lying nearly lifeless on the ground.
    • The comfort I wanted was to see Josh alive, not falling lifeless on my living room floor.
    • The apparently lifeless stick happened to be an early clematis, heavy with bud further down its length and now safely attached to the new support.
    • When firefighters pulled his lifeless body from the river, his heart wasn't beating and paramedics feared the worst as he was taken to hospital unconscious.
    • She gazed in horror at the seemingly lifeless body of her dear friend on the floor.
    • Sitting on his knees he embraced the dead bloody woman in his arms, feeling her cold lifeless body against his hot chest.
    • I can't stand sitting here watching you lie there almost lifeless.
    • His blue eyes had closed, and he now lay lifeless on the cold ground.
    • There was a long pause as the two stared out over the grim and lifeless landscape.
    • He remembers her arms on the cold, lifeless body of the elderly master as she sat on the stone floor.
    • The horse's hooves crashed into Danni and she fell lifeless to the ground.
  • 3literary

    (planet/desert) donde no hay vida
    (planet/desert) sin vida