Translation of lifeline in Spanish:


cuerda de salvamento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlaɪfˌlaɪn//ˈlʌɪflʌɪn/


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    cuerda de salvamento feminine
    it was their lifeline to civilization era su único medio de contacto con la civilización
    • Rescue teams continued to drill toward six trapped miners Thursday evening and were hopeful of reaching the men with lifelines, mine officials said.
    • Most of the damage has now been repaired, but the boat was still without lifelines so caution was required when moving around lest we ended up going for a premature swim!
    • After nearly half an hour they were spotted by the crew of a passing boat, and a lifeline was thrown to Rachel who was pulled aboard.
    • At least two people had to be rescued using a lifeline and life jackets as they were pulled through the fast flowing water.
    • Al snatched at a fleeting memory like a drowning sailor grabbing a lifeline.
    • In an attempt to rescue the truck's occupants, several people waded out to a high point of land and improvised a lifeline from barbed wire cut from a nearby fence and a spare tire as a buoy.
    • And then, miraculously, I felt my lifeline pulling me to the surface.