Translation of lifetime in Spanish:


vida, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlʌɪftʌɪm//ˈlaɪfˌtaɪm/


  • 1

    vida feminine
    (appointment) (before noun) vitalicio
    it won't happen in my lifetime no lo verán mis ojos
    • a lifetime's experience toda una vida de experiencia
    • it will give you a lifetime's service le durará toda la vida
    • the work of a lifetime or a lifetime's work el trabajo de toda una vida
    • we waited for what seemed a lifetime estuvimos esperando una eternidad
    • the lifetime of a machine la vida útil de una máquina
    • in the lifetime of this parliament durante la presente legislatura
    • lifetime guarantee garantía para toda la vida
    • he received a lifetime achievement award recibió un premio en reconocimiento a su trayectoria
    • Some healthcare providers indicate that they will archive medical records for a person's lifetime plus seven years.
    • Facing greater competition, employers have eliminated lifetime employment guarantees to managers and professionals and reduced salaries.
    • They destroyed a lifetime's work and thousands of pounds worth of gardening equipment.
    • How can they be swimming lifetime bests so late in the game?
    • She gave a lifetime of service to the nursing profession and her community.
    • Both authors combine a lifetime of clinical experience with a keen interest in research methodology.
    • Still we manage to spend whole lifetimes together based on such understandings.
    • Although this may seem steep, you are benefiting from a lifetime of experience.
    • Most medieval people lived out their short lifetimes within a radius of fifty miles of their birthplace.
    • The 2004 data also show that lifetime inhalant use for eighth graders increased significantly.
    • Representing such a lifetime's work on a single disc is a near impossible task.
    • Only in this case, the midlife crisis lasted the entire lifetime, not just in the middle.
    • But, in imposing the lifetime ban, the chairman of the bench said the measure was necessary to protect other animals.
    • And he said he was thrilled to be nominated for the lifetime achievement award.
    • He has given a lifetime of service to Ireland, and made huge sacrifices.
    • Our wars have taken from us the men and women we honor today and every hour of the lifetimes they had hoped to live.
    • Detention without any charges and without any court review can last an entire lifetime.
    • The man looked at me, the second seeming to last a whole lifetime.
    • Yet they appreciate that each has had a lifetime's worth of rich experiences while they were apart.
    • If not, he's faced with undoing a lifetime's worth of assumptions.