Translation of lift in Spanish:


impulso, n.

Pronunciation: /lɪft//lɪft/


  • 1

    • 1.1(boost)

      impulso masculine
      the news gave her a big lift la noticia le levantó mucho la moral / el ánimo
      • this salad needs something to give it a lift a esta ensalada le hace falta algo que le dé un poco de gracia
      • Their reaction, I'd guess, was a touch of awe mingled with the instant lift we all felt the moment we entered this space.
      • It was the first time this year and gave a satisfying lift to my spirits.
      • ‘It has given the security department a lift and it is encouraging that there is now a serious deterrent,’ he said.
      • The office will be air-conditioned with stimulating scents and extra oxygen - to give a physical and psychological lift.
      • If there is a winner it will give this team a big impetus and a massive lift going into the final four games.
      • As soon as we arrived at Frankton the sight of Lake Wakatipu and the mountains gave us a lift in spirits.
      • He gave a lift and a spur to a BBC office which could often be in a state of chaos.
      • Just as champagne gives you an instant lift so chocolate, as it melts in the mouth, creates a feeling of euphoria and wellbeing.
      • But don't expect media giants to get a big lift from their Chinese operations anytime soon.
      • We want to give them a lift, encouraging the good ones to stick with it and resist the temptation to jack it all in and run off with a Spanish waiter.
      • If you know how to, supply these key resources, you'll give yourself an instant lift.
      • Knowing we have now got a match with Fulham to look forward to gives everyone a massive lift and it can only be good for your confidence.
      • After working alone, talk, laugh and interact with others for an instant lift.

    • 1.2Aviation

      fuerza propulsora feminine
      propulsión feminine
      • The sudden loss of lift caused the airplane to descend rapidly to the runway.
      • Flaps do more than increase lift; they also increase drag, change pitch attitudes and so forth.
      • This helps increase lift, which is what you need at this point.
      • Any secondary school physics text or pilot licence manual will tell you that aerofoils generate lift because of the Venturi effect.
      • It can decrease thrust, reduce lift, and increase drag.
      • I find light lift under very thin clouds and drift quickly down wind in the 22 mph breeze.
      • Such torques are proposed to be counteracted anteriorly by lift forces generated by the head and pectoral fins.
      • This makes it more agile, particularly at supersonic speeds; reduces drag; and gives it an overall increase in lift.
      • Under normal flying conditions, they do not increase the lift of the airplane or materially aid the maneuverability.
      • Dimples on spinning golf balls reduce air resistance and increase lift by creating turbulence in the air flowing past the balls.
      • Just how large is the inertial force required to oscillate a wing relative to the total lift that the wing must support?
      • Ideally, you want to feel the airplane's lift as if you were feeling the traction of a car on ice through the steering wheel.
      • The phenomenon increases the ratio of lift to drag for a wing.
      • If an airplane wing provides lift (an airfoil), how does a plane fly upside down?
      • To sustain an airplane in the air it is enough that the lift be equal to the weight, but for an airplane take off the lift must be bigger than weight.
      • I worked some weak lift under a big cloud then raced for the smoke.
      • Use only approach flaps, since they help provide lift, whereas landing flaps mainly produce drag.
      • I didn't find any but the lightest lift and landed five miles short.
      • Bolt lift is increased, but for this purpose speed of fire is not a priority.
      • Gliding works by having a gliding airfoil design that generates lift forces, keeping the animal in the air longer.
      • We can work weak lift under the clouds and hang out.
      • The spoiler is a plate along the upper surface of an airplane wing, which functions to reduce the lift and increase its drag.
      • They plummeted as I stayed high and came in over their next weak lift.

  • 2

    can I give you a lift? ¿quieres que te lleve?
    • we got a lift as far as Cambridge nos dieron una palomita hasta Cambridge
  • 3British

    ascensor masculine
    she took the lift subió/bajó en el ascensor
    • before noun lift attendant ascensorista
    • lift shaft hueco del ascensor

transitive verb

  • 1

    (weight/box/lid) levantar
    (head/eyes) levantar
    she lifted her veil se levantó el velo
    • shall I lift your suitcase down for you? ¿quieres que te baje la maleta?
    • I lifted the child into his chair subí al niño a la silla
    • to lift sb out of her/his depression/poverty sacar a algn de la depresión/pobreza
    • he lifted his game in the third set mejoró el juego en el tercer set
    • lift the lid off quita / saca la tapa
    • to have one's face lifted hacerse un lifting de la cara
  • 2

    (plants/crops) recoger
  • 3

    (blockade/siege/ban) levantar
  • 4

    (take, remove)
    a sentence lifted out of context una frase sacada de su contexto
  • 5informal

    to lift sth ( from sth) copiar / plagiar algo ( de algo)
  • 6informal

    birlar informal

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (curtain) levantarse
    (curtain) alzarse
    (drawbridge) levantarse
    (drawbridge) abrirse
    the seat lifts (up) el asiento se levanta
    • to lift into the air elevarse en el aire
  • 2

    (mist) disiparse
    (headache) desaparecer
    (headache) irse
    (gloom) disiparse
    (gloom) desaparecer
    the clouds have lifted se han disipado las nubes