Translation of lift in Spanish:


impulso, n.

Pronunciation /lɪft//lɪft/


  • 1

    • 1.1(boost)

      impulso masculine
      the news gave her a big lift la noticia le levantó mucho la moral / el ánimo
      • this salad needs something to give it a lift a esta ensalada le hace falta algo que le dé un poco de gracia
      • But don't expect media giants to get a big lift from their Chinese operations anytime soon.
      • We want to give them a lift, encouraging the good ones to stick with it and resist the temptation to jack it all in and run off with a Spanish waiter.
      • As soon as we arrived at Frankton the sight of Lake Wakatipu and the mountains gave us a lift in spirits.
      • Just as champagne gives you an instant lift so chocolate, as it melts in the mouth, creates a feeling of euphoria and wellbeing.
      • If you know how to, supply these key resources, you'll give yourself an instant lift.
      • Their reaction, I'd guess, was a touch of awe mingled with the instant lift we all felt the moment we entered this space.
      • ‘It has given the security department a lift and it is encouraging that there is now a serious deterrent,’ he said.
      • The office will be air-conditioned with stimulating scents and extra oxygen - to give a physical and psychological lift.
      • If there is a winner it will give this team a big impetus and a massive lift going into the final four games.
      • Knowing we have now got a match with Fulham to look forward to gives everyone a massive lift and it can only be good for your confidence.
      • He gave a lift and a spur to a BBC office which could often be in a state of chaos.
      • After working alone, talk, laugh and interact with others for an instant lift.
      • It was the first time this year and gave a satisfying lift to my spirits.

    • 1.2Aviation

      fuerza propulsora feminine
      propulsión feminine
      • Under normal flying conditions, they do not increase the lift of the airplane or materially aid the maneuverability.
      • Just how large is the inertial force required to oscillate a wing relative to the total lift that the wing must support?
      • If an airplane wing provides lift (an airfoil), how does a plane fly upside down?
      • I worked some weak lift under a big cloud then raced for the smoke.
      • Use only approach flaps, since they help provide lift, whereas landing flaps mainly produce drag.
      • The spoiler is a plate along the upper surface of an airplane wing, which functions to reduce the lift and increase its drag.
      • The phenomenon increases the ratio of lift to drag for a wing.
      • Ideally, you want to feel the airplane's lift as if you were feeling the traction of a car on ice through the steering wheel.
      • This helps increase lift, which is what you need at this point.
      • Any secondary school physics text or pilot licence manual will tell you that aerofoils generate lift because of the Venturi effect.
      • We can work weak lift under the clouds and hang out.
      • Flaps do more than increase lift; they also increase drag, change pitch attitudes and so forth.
      • Bolt lift is increased, but for this purpose speed of fire is not a priority.
      • To sustain an airplane in the air it is enough that the lift be equal to the weight, but for an airplane take off the lift must be bigger than weight.
      • I find light lift under very thin clouds and drift quickly down wind in the 22 mph breeze.
      • Such torques are proposed to be counteracted anteriorly by lift forces generated by the head and pectoral fins.
      • Dimples on spinning golf balls reduce air resistance and increase lift by creating turbulence in the air flowing past the balls.
      • The sudden loss of lift caused the airplane to descend rapidly to the runway.
      • Gliding works by having a gliding airfoil design that generates lift forces, keeping the animal in the air longer.
      • I didn't find any but the lightest lift and landed five miles short.
      • They plummeted as I stayed high and came in over their next weak lift.
      • This makes it more agile, particularly at supersonic speeds; reduces drag; and gives it an overall increase in lift.
      • It can decrease thrust, reduce lift, and increase drag.

  • 2

    can I give you a lift? ¿quieres que te dé una palomita? Colombia informal
    • we got a lift as far as Cambridge nos dieron (un) aventón hasta Cambridge
  • 3British

    ascensor masculine
    she took the lift subió/bajó en el ascensor
    • before noun lift attendant ascensorista
    • lift shaft hueco del ascensor
    • An extension was built at the back with a lift to the fourth floor.
    • The lift opened up on level six, causing Taylor to wrinkle up her nose, as the familiar smell of tank fluid filled the air.
    • He thanked her quickly before he entered the lift to the third floor.
    • Is the lift shaft airtight when all the outer doors are closed?
    • When the lift doors open, they emerge in futuristic silver outfits and take their places at the control deck.
    • We all go back to staring at the lift doors willing them to open.
    • Being the nice, considerate girl I am, I opened the lift door for him to come in, when it was already almost 90% closed.
    • The next minute, my legs went like jelly and the lift doors opened.
    • The only traditional bricklaying was around the lift shaft in the rear courtyard.
    • They prised the doors open when the lift began filling with water from the sprinkler system.
    • Tragically, a fault meant the safety doors opened before the lift had arrived and he stepped in without realising.
    • The doors of the lift opened and we were in corridors quite obviously more modern, where the doors had no handles and the names of the occupants were written on small LED displays just by the side.
    • I had nothing better to do so I hung around to watch the fire-crew arrive in their big red tender and pile out to open the lift doors and crank the lift down to the rescue point.
    • The lift door slowly opened, revealing several guards.
    • As the doors to the lift opened and we went in, I dug around for my black book.
    • The explosion gutted the lift shaft and damaged the door of the apartment.
    • A building worker is recovering after falling 25 feet down an unfinished lift shaft after scaffolding gave way.
    • Once you have cracked this, try lifting your pelvic floor upwards in stages, like a lift stopping at different floors, then bring it down again.
    • A fire crew manually reeled the lift to the nearest floor.
    • The lift door opened immediately and we entered.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(raise)

      (lid/weight/box) levantar
      (eyes/head) levantar
      she lifted her veil se levantó el velo
      • shall I lift your suitcase down for you? ¿quieres que te baje la maleta?
      • I lifted the child into his chair subí al niño a la silla
      • to lift sb out of her/his depression/poverty sacar a algn de la depresión/pobreza
      • he lifted his game in the third set mejoró el juego en el tercer set
      • to have one's face lifted hacerse un lifting
      • And for the first time that day, Valerie lifted her eyes upwards and almost gasped at where she had wandered to.
      • "Let me see, " I said, lifting up his baggy shirt.
      • Bob dropped to the floor in a cross-legged position, then lifted himself onto the tips of his toes.
      • He stopped and closed his eyes, lifting his face to the sky.
      • He called upon the gathered journalists from Canada, Britain, the US and the region to lift their eyes from the mud and look up at the stars.
      • When its receiver has been lifted, it means the nameless voice on the other end of the line meets two criteria: speaks English and needs help.
      • His black cape trailed behind him and was lifted by the gentle breeze that passed by.
      • She closed her eyes and lifted her face to the sun poking momentarily from behind the clouds.
      • We must lift our eyes from the misleading and myopic platitudes of our politicians and look to the future.
      • She closed her eyes and lifted her face up to the skies, feeling the gentle breeze caress her face as she slowly let go of everything on her mind.
      • I took a deep breath and lifted myself into sitting position, taking the two with me.
      • I stole fifteen minutes to go and sit on the patio, closing my eyes and lifting my face to the sun.
      • I ran my hand over the finely polished mahogany surface, and gently lifted the lid.
      • I leaned over and grabbed her shoulders, lifting her up into a sitting position.
      • The thing lifted Ivan to eye level, looked at him for a few seconds, then dropped him.
      • The only time that a Burnley captain has lifted the famous old trophy was in 1914 and within months a World War had started.
      • She lifted up his shirt and saw three thick red lines along his torso.
      • This means nothing to me, because I'd not lift my eyes to find out what it was called.
      • With a sigh and a heave, she lifted herself up and meandered over to the filing cabinet.
      • It is a startling admission from the manager who ended the club's 36-year wait for a trophy by lifting the Tennents Scottish Cup two years ago.
      • A robust woman to my left continues sucking her lollipop; another, to my right, studiously resists lifting her eyes from a copy of King Lear.
      • Something stirs within me and I slowly lift my eyes to meet your glare.
      • Stepping in front of him, her hand gently lifted his chiseled chin, forcing him to stare at her.
      • She stays like that, lifting her face and her camera to the heavens, in the squawking aerial universe of all these flying creatures.
      • I didn't lift my face to look at her but spoke into her body.
      • Raise your upper body as if your chin is being lifted straight up toward the ceiling.
      • He rocks, shuffles and chews a plastic bottle, then sits in that distressingly human way bears have with his back to the wall and lifts his face to a glimmer of watery sunshine.
      • He paused as the woman moved away, then lifted his eyes to the ceiling again.
      • Then some of them watch it on TV in the press box rather than lift their eyes two inches to see it for real.
      • Bent in two, I lifted my eyes and saw a roiling, black plume of ash and debris ascending into the sky.
      • Instead, let's lift our eyes and see how wide the American horizon has become.
      • A warm hand lifted her chin upward as he leaned towards her and stared into her brown copper eyes.
      • He also knows that whoever lifts the Border-Gavaskar Trophy in Bombay next month will know that they've been through a scrap to end all scraps.
      • When the cure was complete, the probe was raised to lift the entire cell wall above the water level.
      • I sat close to the fire, gazing into the glowing heart of it, and then lifting my eyes to the brightening stars.
      • A veil of acknowledgment swept across her face as she slowly lifted her eyes and shifted her expression to see me.
      • I stood on my feet and narrowed my eyes, lifting my face.
      • He stepped forward and embraced his son, lifting him clear off the ground.
      • Entranced by its beauty she gently lifted the lid.
      • Strong arms, built up from years of raising a child, lifted her up.

    • 1.2

      (plants/crops) recoger
      • Tender bulbs can be either treated as annuals and composted or tossed out, or they can be lifted and stored.
      • They should be well rooted within 12 months when they can be lifted and transplanted or potted up.
      • First, moisten the soil around the plant several days before lifting.
      • Most other glads need to be lifted and stored at the end of the growing season.
      • You can control it by removing the affected leaves, but badly diseased plants should be lifted and destroyed.
      • Cuttings should be left in place until autumn next year, when they can be lifted and transplanted.
      • Farmers can now produce two crops of new potatoes, by re-planting when they lift the first crop.
      • Except in extreme northern zones, where they must be lifted in fall, Galtonia will withstand winter if planted in a sunny spot and heavily mulched.
      • Mulch heavily in fall, or if soil freezes, lift and store bulbs.
      • These are among the small number of bulbs that prefer to be lifted and planted when they are green.
      • After a number of years it may become necessary to lift crowded plantings of bulbs in order to spread them out and revitalize the soil.
      • In most parts of the country, plants grown from tubers, as well as plants that have been lifted and stored over winter, should be started indoors.
      • We have also started marking out a new design in what will become the flower garden, and some of the turf has already been lifted.
      • I've been told that lifting the bulbs, storing them for the summer and replanting them in the fall will improve their performance.
      • This can be done without any appreciable harm to the plant, though of course it is better to wait until the rhizomes have matured in July before lifting and planting.
      • Cannas and dahlias may need to be lifted and stored.

  • 2

    (ban/blockade/siege) levantar
    • Also on Monday, the ban on parking within 300 feet of an airport terminal will be lifted.
    • But the government Monday lifted the ban, and said it would welcome aid.
    • This situation will change in 2001 when that monopoly is lifted, allowing other phone operators to install equipment and offer their own local services.
    • If the war ends soon and the trade sanctions are lifted, oil prices are likely to fall even further.
    • But as taboos about the body gradually lifted and the human sciences advanced, the knowledge of nervousness slowly changed.
    • Provincial and federal bans on offshore oil and gas development are also expected to be lifted in the near future.
    • In Europe, the ban would have to be lifted by the aviation authorities in the individual Member States.
    • Some restrictions for senior and disabled permit holders using the local public transport system will be lifted from Sunday.
    • Meanwhile, last week the protective notice issued to 22 staff at the South East Regional Airport was been lifted.
    • He is also asking the Treasury to cancel the currency fluctuation bands and to lift the restrictions on the issue of short-term debt certificates.
    • No one doubts that there is a growing groundswell of opinion that sanctions must be lifted or at least reduced so that the innocent do not continue suffering.
    • The decision to lift the ban was a result of a ‘regular thorough check-up’ of all orders of the past few years, the Government said.
    • He lifted wage and price controls, which triggered inflation.
    • Restrictions on light aircraft and helicopter flights were lifted overnight.
    • When the ban was finally lifted, in 2000, the cultural context had changed dramatically.
    • The embargo on this press release has been lifted ahead of schedule.
    • The latest surge follows Taiwan's decision last year to lift some restrictions on investing in China.
    • But this could now be lifted if member states agree to the guidelines.
    • It has paid lobbyists to persuade government ministers to lift restrictions on operating casinos.
    • The ban on planting Barbary has been lifted in many communities where wheat production is not a livelihood.
  • 3

    • 3.1(take, remove)

      a sentence lifted out of context una frase sacada de su contexto
      • She felt his strong arms snake behind her back, pulling her closer and lifting her up slightly so her toes were barely touching the ground.
      • I know it's a cliche saying that I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, but I fully understand the root of the phrase.
      • She was lifted back onto the stretcher and another march began.
      • She pried her fingers from the root and lifted her up off the frozen ground.
      • He pressed something into my hand as he kissed me; he lifted himself up and pulled me up after him.
      • He lifted her up carefully, realizing that he had picked her up so many times that it hardly even mattered to either him or her anymore.
      • I had felt a sharp pain, but ignored it and lifted Raine off the floor and picked her up once more.
      • Feeling something crunch beneath him, he lifts himself up and pulls a crinkled plastic bag from the cushion.
      • And Jane felt as though a million bricks had been lifted off her shoulders.
      • Then he lifted me up and I could see a beautiful creek area which was going to be part of a wild bird sanctuary or something like that.
      • Over a ton of weight was then lifted gingerly out of the soil by a crane.
      • A giant compass depicting the life and times of a South Yorkshire community which traces its roots back to medieval times has been lifted into place.
      • Daddy put a cushion on the carrier, lifted me up and told me to keep out my feet so that they would not get caught in the spokes of the wheel.
      • He picked her up and lifted her up almost on her shoulder.
      • Quickly and quietly, he lifted himself out of the pool, picked up the bucket and filled it with pool water.
      • The tray is pulled back under the car and lifted into its holding position.
      • I myself am lifted onto another stretcher, carried into the ambulance, and set down beside Michael.
      • It took four people to lift the trolley off the body.
      • She lifted herself up to a sitting position, and pulled her face close to his, as if she was about to kiss him.

    • 3.2informal (plagiarize)

      to lift sth (from sth) copiar / plagiar algo (de algo)
      • His arguments are lifted straight from standard young earth creationist sources, as are his methods.
      • And it adds piquancy to the tale that many of these changes appear to be lifted straight out of her own book of cultural reform.
      • When the first hairstyle thief lifts your look, it will be said that they are copying your style rather than vice versa.
      • The newspaper lifted the photos and used them in their advert.
      • One passage was lifted almost verbatim from a speech Bush made in February 2002.
      • It is the kind of story which could have been lifted straight from the pages of one of her fictional tales.
      • Entire excerpts from previous movies are lifted, but with surreal twists on the already surreal situations insinuated to great comic success.
      • It could have been lifted straight out of the '80s.
      • These scenes could have been lifted straight out of the Middle Ages.
      • The congestion charge, introduced in London on Monday, has been lifted straight out of the professor's 1951 essay.
      • I noted previously that it lifted quotes from their contexts out of the books of textual-criticism scholars.
      • Designers themselves lift for different purposes, depending on the work at hand.
      • Kicking off in 1944, the film opens with the type of prologue that could have been lifted straight from the Indiana Jones escapade, Raiders of the Lost Ark.
      • The material was lifted almost verbatim from a six-year-old book.

    • 3.3informal (steal)

      birlar informal
      • What is going on in Vienna is flatly felonious behavior that is lifting billions of dollars from the pockets of American citizens.
      • Apparently he immediately dismissed me as harmless - I wasn't going to shoplift or lift the cash register.
      • He plays a high-stakes burglar who lifts the diamonds and then gets hoodwinked by a rival gang.
      • Packed shopping centres are heaving with pickpockets, who lift thousands of credit cards a day at this time of year.
      • Twenty-five per cent of house burglaries are sneak-ins and almost half are offences, where the burglar lifts keys from the house to steal the car.
      • After surveying this web site, one gets the urge to check to see that your wallet has not been lifted.
      • Punitive expeditions destroyed crops and stores and lifted cattle, leaving villagers to starve as a salutary lesson for resistance or revolt.
      • The grey sports car was parked on Masonfield Crescent when burglars broke in to lift the keys and make their getaway in the early hours on Saturday.
      • He can also choose to pad his pockets by lifting the purses and jewels off passers-by as they walk through the streets.
      • ‘Two people lifted a spoon to shoot up with yesterday and just walked out,’ she says.
      • A Russian pensioner has been arrested after allegedly masterminding a scam geared to lifting the credit card number of Western tourists visiting Moscow cyber cafes.
      • I can cut wood and build fires, make tents of skin, sniff out a trail, steal chickens and eggs both, lift purses..

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (curtain) levantarse
    (curtain) alzarse
    (drawbridge) levantarse
    (drawbridge) abrirse
    the seat lifts (up) el asiento se levanta
    • to lift into the air elevarse en el aire
    • His eye-lids lifted and he managed a quirk of a smile in greeting.
    • Watch the miraculous gift of breath, as your diaphragm lifts up and pulls down.
    • What better time to hear gay and lesbian voices lifted in song?
    • Grandma's old eyelids lifted and her mouth fell open all at once.
    • He ducked in behind the cargo ship, which was lifting sluggishly upwards.
    • Chris and Giovanni turned towards the energetic voice, eyebrows lifted.
    • By the end of the telling her voice had lifted and she herself shared a giggle at the overall predicament.
    • His eyelids lifted, and his blue eyes focused directly on her.
    • Once, when she was in elementary school, the nun stood at the front of a church filled with children out in the pews with their voices lifted in song.
    • Even before she spoke, Gerald's head lifted upwards and he sniffed the air hopefully.
    • I brought the tape home so my family could hear the 125 voices lifted in song.
    • But her voice lifted and wavered, and it ended up a question more than it was a statement.
    • His outside ears lift up, moving at the strange sounds.
    • But the voices lifted, and hands gestured for me to start, drowning out my own movements.
    • You will have to ensure the sub-floor is level, and if in doubt install a hardboard surface to take the tiles and ensure they will not shift and lift in the future.
    • Contracting her abs, she keeps her chin lifted and raises her upper torso as high as possible.
    • The lid easily lifted off of the box.
    • At the same time, the deck lid lifts up and out of the way and the package shelf lifts up and moves back to meet the top.
  • 2

    (mist) disiparse
    (headache) desaparecer
    (headache) irse
    (gloom) disiparse
    (gloom) desaparecer
    the clouds have lifted se han disipado las nubes
    • However in the afternoon the fog lifted for a few hours to reveal the magnificent ship in all her glory.
    • The fog had lifted somewhat when we arrived, which is why they were able to successfully land.
    • The storm clouds lift, the storm clouds descend.
    • The dark and dirge-like clouds lift for a few rays of petrified beauty in melodies or in single, sustaining piano notes, achieving a smooth, even balance.
    • The fog lifted at least, and Haley's eyes fluttered apart at last.
    • He noticed that there was a fog lifting and it was obscuring the moonlight.
    • Yet when the clamour died away, the mists lifted to reveal what had been achieved.
    • Nor does it see the clouds lifting soon, whoever wins today's election.
    • The dark cloud has lifted to reveal a red haze, if you will.
    • Once the fog lifted from his tortured mind the crystal-clear clarity of yesteryear returned with another story.
    • Fifteen minutes later the clouds lifted and the sun began to shine again.
    • A cloud has lifted following the change in management.
    • The fog was lifting, revealing a grey sky, and a metallic coloured ocean.
    • The opening quarter had been spoiled by a torrential downpour but as the clouds lifted, the action heated up.
    • I can't say I left with complete certainty and understanding, but some of the fog had lifted.
    • We drove back towards York, and the clouds slowly lifted as we came down Garrowby Hill and through Stamford Bridge.
    • The fog is lifting, but too slowly, and we are just approaching one-quarter mile now.
    • On Tuesday afternoon, clouds lifted from the site for the first time.
    • As if in response, the rain had stopped, the clouds had lifted, and a welcome southern sun was shining.
    • When the clouds lift, you can see a patchwork of clearcuts and roads carved into the slopes.