Translation of light opera in Spanish:

light opera

opereta, n.


  • 1

    opereta feminine
    • Remembering its roots as a Gilbert and Sullivan company, it mounts at least one of their popular light operas each season.
    • Hanmer and Park had adapted many European light operas for Weinbergers and we have performed many of their works.
    • Dance music, marches and parlor pieces for the piano and songs made up the bulk of publications but cantatas and light operas also found their way into print.
    • Since 1935 the Village Light Opera Group has given the New York public high quality productions of rarely performed light operas, operettas and Broadway musicals.
    • The Company now performs Gilbert and Sullivan, other traditional light operas and modern musicals in roughly equal proportions.
    • Its Performing Arts Department is treating the community to one of the world's most popular light operas.
    • The composer considers it his best achievement, and it is certainly in outline much more to be admired than the light operas that the American people are raving about today.
    • As I explored the site I found an interview he had given on the difference between singing in musicals or light operas, and singing as himself on an album.
    • Early works by Herve (aka Florimond Ronger) and Adolphe Adam are considered by scholars to be the first light operas or operettas, but their works have been mostly forgotten.
    • This doubtless made a change from the general run of dance music of the Victorian era which was often adapted from the light operas of the time.
    • Between 1809 and 1831 Sir Henry Bishop composed at least twenty light operas.
    • This is the darkest of light operas and one that reveals its depths on the turntable, away from the distractions of staging.
    • As is common in musicals and light operas, there are a couple of young men who win the hearts of their sweethearts, despite interference from ‘bad guys.’
    • He is an author of many operas, light operas, songs, cantatas.
    • It has acquired the rights to 12 Gilbert and Sullivan light operas for presentation on PBS in 1984.
    • Their repertory included all the popular light operas of their day, but DeKoven's Robin Hood became the especial favorite, this opera receiving over a thousand performances at their hands.
    • ‘Most civic light operas dream of having this much talent in one show,’ he said.