Translation of lightheaded in Spanish:


mareado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌlaɪtˈhɛdəd///


  • 1

    (dizzy) mareado
    (excited) exaltado
    (confused) aturdido
    (frivolous) frívolo
    • She felt so very light-headed and faint, quite breathless from all the dancing.
    • I took in her fragrance and felt light-headed and dizzy, almost unable to keep standing.
    • The chloral hydrate had made her somewhat light-headed and slightly groggy; she had great difficulty focussing.
    • After school that day I was slightly light-headed as I was lifting weights.
    • The blood was rushing to her head, and on top of all her other problems, now she was feeling dizzy and light-headed.
    • You may be feeling light-headed or faint, and often this is accompanied by a feeling of something being very wrong.
    • My eyes were closing in around me - you know, that feeling when you're light-headed, dizzy and just about unconscious?
    • He would break out in a sweat and become so light-headed he would practically faint.
    • It made me slightly dizzy and light-headed, and I collapsed backwards on the bed with every intent to sleep it off.
    • At first he'd thought the tab had had little effect other than to make him feel slightly light-headed as fell asleep.
    • It was strong, and he had to keep reminding himself not to drink too much of it, because he was already slightly light-headed.
    • It's a mildly light-headed, giddy sensation that starts in the chest and spreads out through the body and along the limbs.
    • It was flowing out instantly, but she was filled with such force that she was dizzy and light-headed, yet at the same time stronger than she had ever been in her life.
    • The two of them pulled away and sat back, giddy and light-headed.
    • She was surprised how the scent made her light-headed and slightly dizzy.
    • This left me feeling a little light-headed, slightly dazed and quite tired, which Roselyn explained was perfectly normal.
    • She felt slightly light-headed as she made her way through the crowd.
    • He made her a cup of tea, which she claimed made her light-headed and dizzy.
    • He put a bite into his mouth, swallowed, and then felt light-headed and faint.
    • You may also feel light-headed or dizzy, especially when moving from a lying or sitting position to standing up.