Translation of liking in Spanish:


afición, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlaɪkɪŋ//ˈlʌɪkɪŋ/


  • 1

    afición feminine
    liking for sth afición a algo
    • my liking for sweets mi afición a los dulces
    • she's always had a liking for reading siempre le ha gustado leer
    • to take a liking to sb tomarle simpatía a algn
    • to take a liking to sth tomarle el gusto a algo
    • My wife has always had a liking for this unfortunate little girl.
    • It's just this guy called Josh who plays guitar and sings his songs, which have a liking for wandering melodies that meander up and down and all over the place.
    • However, over the years he developed a liking for prosecution and when he got the opportunity, he just grabbed it.
    • Michael has been a member of Macra since he was 17 and developed a liking for public speaking within the group.
    • The new West Indies management team seemed to have had a liking for the use of cutting-edge technology in its verbal assault.
    • But he has considerable experience in similar vessels and a liking for this type of employment.
    • A liking for birds is an ineluctable aspect of being human.
    • Anyone with a liking for bikes and bike riding will find it fascinating.
    • He also had a liking for good poetry and recitations.
    • Coming in at No 4 Michael Nind showed a liking for Hill Park Oval not shared by his brothers, the earlier batsmen.
    • Acknowledging that professing a liking for ska can be a rock band's death wish, O'Dell stands by their tastes.
    • The company has come a very long way since Abigail Punch developed a liking for tea in 1851 and decided to set up her own import and wholesale company.
    • He has always had a liking for the songs of Jim Reeves.
    • Not just cricket, Viru has a liking for table-tennis, badminton, football and swimming.
    • Meanwhile, Raghu's parents arrive and take a liking for the girl.
    • Nor should anyone be surprised if little boys grow up with a liking for the apparent brutality they have witnessed at an ice-hockey game.
    • Hong Kong people seem to have a liking for older candidates.
    • I developed a liking for devotional songs of the Goddess from childhood.
    • If he is not exercising those grey cells over science and technology, Tiwari has a liking for reading Buddhist philosophy.
    • It is generally accepted that the priest had a liking for strong drink and some of the stories place him in pubs and outside a glass of the hard stuff.
  • 2

    gusto masculine
    to be to sb's liking ser del gusto / del agrado de algn
    • it's too sweet for my liking es demasiado dulce para mi gusto
    • I'm sorry the meal wasn't to your liking siento que la comida no haya sido de su agrado