Translation of Lilliputian in Spanish:


liliputiense, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌlɪləˈpjuʃ(ə)n//ˌlɪlɪˈpjuːʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

  • 2literary

    • The experience was something like finding oneself shrunk to Lilliputian proportions and forced to live in a jewel-casket.
    • When Thomas came in the league, Lilliputian linebackers still carried a stigma, even though it was slowly fading.
    • But this Lilliputian stream was not the river we sought.
    • They feel like Gulliver, tied down with the guy-ropes of Lilliputian countries they thought were their friends.
    • While Ernst Janning was in the dock on Broadway, in early April, a different kind of trial was underway in a Lilliputian theater next to a comedy club, about two miles uptown.
    • Also known as the Mighty Midget and The Bullet (because of his lightning passes), Owen looked like a scrawny man-boy but no-one took advantage of his Lilliputian build.
    • Nonetheless, he was a giant in his times, and we need a few in today's Lilliputian scene.
    • Rather than drag out a seductive melody until it eventually becomes tawdry, the longest song on Be With is a Lilliputian four minutes.
    • Other bargains abound, including minidisc players for £120 and Lilliputian MP3 portables for £200 notes.
    • It was a radical move from a First Minister derided by many as a leader of Lilliputian vision.
    • A little clay pot of lentils arrived, topped with a Lilliputian quail egg and shavings of black truffles.
    • Back outside, tiny Icelandic ponies were prancing around the ring, their riders holding aloft banners like some form of Lilliputian cavalry charge.
    • The invasion of the Congo by these Lilliputian states would have been unthinkable under normal circumstances, with a responsible government and functioning state institutions.
    • Who on earth would be able to fit in that Lilliputian getup?
    • The following morning, breakfast is waiting downstairs on the magnificent Nordlysid - a wooden, two-masted sloop moored next to fishing boats in the Lilliputian harbour.
    • The sculptor's Lilliputian alter ego was evidently having trouble staying organized.
    • Only the most Lilliputian of political outlooks could consider these kind of pettifogging government measures ‘bold and far-reaching’.
    • It wasn't a problem that they were fearsomely hot, but the fact that the Lilliputian prawns dotting the dish were supposed to be tiger prawns was an issue.
    • Mine was overseasoned and served in a Lilliputian portion.
    • Ultimately, the only way this Lilliputian economy could grow was via exports.