Translation of lilt in Spanish:


cadencia, n.

Pronunciation /lɪlt//lɪlt/


  • 1

    (of song, tune)
    cadencia feminine
    to speak with a lilt hablar con un tono cantarín / musical
    • The Cleveland performances were oddly disappointing: inflexible, poker-faced, and without a hint of the sensuous rubato that gives this music its infectious lilt.
    • ‘The Beautiful Changes’ consists of three six-line stanzas in loose iambics with an anapestic lilt.
    • In Schubert's music, the Viennese lilt and nuance in the phrasing, touch, singing line and overall style, even the pauses and silences, require complete mastery.
    • Born in Raipur, he grew up on Parsi theatre, silent films and the robust lilt of Chhatisgarthi folk songs that filled the air all around.
    • For instance, the last two tracks, ‘Koukou’ and ‘Here’, share an almost Caribbean lilt.
    • Again the group chose a rather fast tempo, which with the bagpipe-like drone in the bass parts, gave this movement the lilt of an improvised country dance.
    • The beat lilts rather than swings, and there's a sweetness about the melodies that can become cloying if you listen too much.
    • Many of the songs by French artists come with a Latin lilt and tracks from Haiti and Mauritius bring in new instruments and warmer rhythms.
    • And from its midst rises the rhythm and lilt and melody and meaning of words.
    • Each group faithfully captures the swinging lilt of Ory's bands, his sense of dynamics, and the essence of his robust trombone tones.
    • Lysa soars with ‘Sweeter Love’, its familiar melody and sugar lilt reflect the happy four-year odyssey this song has had through clubland.
    • ‘Da Symphony’ is guilty on all counts with its Memphis brass stabs, bumping bass and soulful lilts, as is last years' single ‘Bizarre Mind’ for that matter.
    • For an inordinate seven minutes, the song lilts and rolls into glorified nothingness.
    • Rankin paints the loveliest of pictures with his words and makes you feel right at home with each and every song, every lilt of his voice, every strum of his acoustic guitar.
    • Nonetheless, the spooky harmonies create a wash that flows over the slight acoustic lilts, creating a very pretty pop moment.
    • Few early-music specialists conduct Handel opera with more grace, rhythmic lilt, and care for style than Harry Bicket.
    • Like her musical heroes Shawn Colvin and Joan Armatrading, Ferrick can dangle a crowd on the lilt of a lyric and nail the nuance of a conflicted feeling with one well-sung word.
    • In turning it to a danceable 8/4 rhythm they completely lost the appealing lilt of the song.
    • Rigo and Syran's guitar lines are a revelation, with an almost Hawaiian lilt, sometimes doubled with Caçau de Queiroz clarinet to give a similar effect to electric soukous guitar where occasion calls.
    • Our festivals are incomplete; our songs have lost their lilt.