Translation of lily-white in Spanish:


blanco como la nieve, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlɪli ˌ(h)waɪt///


  • 1

    (in color)
    blanco como la nieve
    blanco como una azucena
    • She drew her blue denim jeans down, revealing her lily-white legs.
    • They also do all of the caddieing and, wearing lily-white gloves and a business suit, a female assistant is refilling the glasses of persimmon, which tastes like shellac.
    • We grew up in middle-class, lily-white middle America, and most of our understanding of the contemporary black experience comes from hip-hop records and The New York Times.
    • His long white golden hair covering his body, like pale spun gold, against his lily-white skin he wasn't cold it was so warm.
    • Strangely, Doyle lost sight of the ground ball in the background of Bench's lily-white uniform.
    • One of the students who did not leap to attention however, was sitting in the furthest corner at a paper-strewn desk, her head was lazily propped upon one slim lily-white hand which rested just beneath her pointy chin.
    • In the afternoons I would make for him his gelin kahvesi, the special coffee made by the lily-white hands of the new bride, and he would drink it with great pleasure, and we would continue speaking about everything under the sun.
    • In a painting of the Bethesda Fountain, Chase posed an elegant woman dressed in white against the fresh water and sunny air - a symbol of urban health and lily-white purity.
    • A swan is also not quite as lily-white as you'd expect - he has some black feathers and a little bit of accumulated grime.
    • The piano and guitars are excellent and lead singer Adam Levine has an impressive range and a decent amount of soulful emotion trembling from his lily-white throat.
    • She was clad in a gown of flowing lily-white silk.
    • Rasia took no notice of the drastic, rather worrisome change, merely dismissed her own warden and caught hold of my arm in her lily-white hands.
    • I blush, the warm heat flooding over my cheeks, changing my normally lily-white complexion to a pink, and take my place with the rest of the squad.
    • He reached over and held her small hand in his large one, stroking the top of her dainty lily-white hand with his broad, chocolate-colored thumb.
    • They don't need the lily-white walls of galleries and museums, nor would their visual impact be significantly diminished by less chastely hospitable settings.
    • He couldn't count the amount of times he had envied those slim hands of hers, with their lily-white grace.
    • The girl was soft, lily-white, as pure and chaste as they came.
    • With your sandy locks in shapes that no sand would ever dare be molded into, and your lily-white skin, that blinds my eyes with its radiating light.
    • Combined with the lobster-red sunburn of my torso and the lily-white band about my middle created by my downturned long-john, I resembled a cylindrical French flag.
    • Tears streamed down her lily-white cheeks, enflamed by her heated temper.
  • 2derogatory

    (ideals) puro
    her lily-white son el santo de su hijo ironic
    • Then they convince themselves they are the most righteous, lily-white citizens God ever created.
    • Were they concerned by Graham's less than lily-white reputation when it comes to financial propriety?
    • It was always guaranteed to set Lo off, despite his claim to have lily-white hands).
    • They were all pretty much at least 18 by then, and apparently weren't all lily-white like their reputations would have you believe.