Translation of limb in Spanish:


miembro, n.

Pronunciation /lɪm//lɪm/


  • 1

    miembro masculine
    extremidad feminine
    many passengers broke limbs in the crash muchos pasajeros se fracturaron un brazo o una pierna en el accidente
    • he lost a limb in the war perdió un brazo/una pierna en la guerra
    • When drawing the figure I am interested in the way it moves - stretches, muscles, limbs - how do they twist, how do you make it look realistic.
    • Feeling the sudden warmth of the sun on her chilled limbs, Anna became aware that they had emerged into the daylight, and were now slowly ascending a steep section of the course.
    • Among the coelurosaurians, the subgroup of maniraptorans evolved true broad feathers on their limbs.
    • He hit the floor with a sickening crunch, wings askew and limbs bent into impossibly painful angles.
    • Her body was being covered with leaves and her limbs and neck were hit by a sharp shovel, which was also recovered from the scene.
    • To take one example, the default model for development of the limb of a bird is not the chicken's foot, but that of a duck.
    • The light from the sun warmed her limbs even if the draft was breezy and cool.
    • How otherwise to explain the small dull ache within him always, the ache that a severed limb leaves?
    • Apparently, its limbs were primarily adapted for swimming and walking along the bottom of a lake, rather than for crawling on land.
    • Walking may be more familiar and is a whole body exercise compared with cycling where the lower limbs are the primary effector muscles.
    • Diaphanously winged and provided with limbs far too long and interestingly jointed to be in any way aerodynamic, it would appear to be some kind of mutant grasshopper, a cicada maybe?
    • The most common malformations are partial hind limbs, missing hind limbs, and missing toes.
    • I am in between shifts at my desk, stretching my limbs.
    • He was tall and handsome, broad of shoulder, loose of limb; an athlete of grace and style.
    • Correction of the upward trend early in the history can stop the advent of Diabetes, with all the visual and metabolic problems, even including amputation of limbs.
    • The black tux glides across his trim, elegant frame, long limbs and broad shoulders.
    • Once amputees worldwide began to regularly jog, run, and jump, it became apparent that the lack of shock absorption in artificial limbs was a limiting factor.
    • The ability to reduce area and span during the recovery stroke is intimately associated with the design of the propulsive limbs in small animals.
    • When we have a limb amputated, our neural map of that limb gradually fades away; and if we gain a body part, our neural map expands accordingly.
    • He stretched his long limbs, and pushed his white hair back behind his pointed ears.
  • 2

    (of tree)
    (principal) rama feminine
    brazo masculine
    to be (left) out on a limb quedarse en la estacada
    • Many were left with undesired remnants of the storm: spoiled milk, downed tree limbs and empty gas pumps.
    • Presently I saw a man leaning on a two-strand barbed-wire fence, the wires fixed not to posts but to crooked tree limbs stuck in the ground.
    • When they reappeared, they were in the moonlit shadow of a tall, aged tree whose limbs were full and bright in the moonlight.
    • Tonight, however, Brach built a large shelter out of tree limbs and mosses - setting the fire several feet away.
    • Fluid images of tree limbs sweeping across the other set of frames recall exhilarating strokes of sumi ink painting.
    • The sounds of chain saws growled from streets as residents and workers cleared brush and tree limbs from roads and lawns Monday.
    • Plopping down under the leafy limbs of the shade-producing tree, she
    • Hot and sweaty again, we quickly strip off our shoes, socks and daypacks, leaving them by a great tree whose limbs shade the pond, and jump in.
    • They prefer the security of nearby cover that brush and low-to-the-ground tree limbs like our Norway spruce give them.
    • Heavy snow and whipping winds can cause limbs from trees and shrubs to snap.
    • They use a variety of foraging styles; most commonly they glean food from foliage while they climb about on tree limbs.
    • Of course, larger cleanup tasks should be left to bigger stationary units that can safely handle both larger limbs and leaves.
    • I looked up and saw one of the small squirrels running down the length of a limb with a twig of leaves in his mouth.
    • Some of the apple trees had drooping limbs; some grew straight and stiff.
    • All of a sudden the great sheltering limbs of the trees over Jasperwood look like ceiling beams in a quake-shaken house, ready to crash down.
    • For some reason, there was a clear channel of space with no tree limbs to block the light to the side of that tombstone.
    • The road seemed a lot different on the way back, rocks he hadn't seen before made him stumble over and over, tree limbs scratched at his forehead and arms.
    • discuss what happens to tree branches as winter turns to spring, and how limbs grow out from tree branches.
    • This is the truck with a giant crane arm that comes down the street and picks up the large tree limbs and other debris that people leave out on the sidewalk to be taken away by the city.
    • They pay for the holiday lights that hang from downtown tree limbs.