Translation of limber in Spanish:


ágil, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlɪmbə//ˈlɪmbər/


  • 1

    (fingers) ágil
    (wood) flexible
    • Luchey is quicker and more limber than Henderson, and he could be a more complete player if he gets his act together.
    • I know dancers are very limber and flexible, what happens if I can never do a split?
    • I've never been the real limber type, nor much of a stretcher.
    • Stretching and keeping your body flexible and limber is so important especially as we age so when we reach for something we don't pull our back out or pull a muscle.
    • We also did a lot of stretching, and for the first time in years, I started to feel limber.
    • We shuffled back and forth in the tracks for a few minutes, trying to stay limber, until the Norwegian ambassador to Canada sounded the ceremonial horn and we took off.
    • There is also a foot-well under each table, so those less limber than SE Asians can sit easily.
    • He's very limber and agile and would have a few good moves to pull out on Superman.
    • Her body was limber, lithe with the grace of a cat or that of a ballet dancer, hinting at carefully controlled strength.
    • With flexibility training, however, we can keep our bodies more limber and youthful.
    • She rested comfortably in the lotus position (no trick, given her extraordinarily limber body) and seemed to be quite preoccupied.
    • It will not only help you develop a more lithe and limber body, it will improve your strength training as well.
    • The woman was incredibly limber and evasive, weaving through everything like she was made out of rubber and not flesh.
    • You want to wind up with a sidearm sweep and lob the assemblage far across the open water, and this is best done with the long, limber stick.
    • Since pregnant women may feel more limber, they often over-stretch and injure themselves.
    • With limber agility, she propelled herself into the air, in a graceful back flip.
    • Throughout his lengthy international career, the much-tattooed and free-speaking Wilson has cultivated a reputation as a renegade in a sport whose image can be as stiff as its athletes are limber.
    • You don't need to be a stuntman, you just have to have a limber body and some muscle.
    • Stretch enough to get limber before squatting, but don't over-stretch as this actually weakens your muscles.
    • Putting them last ensures that I'm thoroughly warmed up and stretched out and will be limber enough to work my abs through a full range of motion with intensity and good form.
    • Fire up the old grill, do a few twelve-ounce elbow bends to stay limber and just kick back.