Translation of limited edition in Spanish:

limited edition

edición limitada, n.


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    edición limitada feminine
    edición numerada feminine
    • Titled ‘The Gray Fox,’ it is scheduled for release this month as a limited-edition print on paper and next month on canvas.
    • Habitat for Humanity has also decided to do a limited-edition print of the work, and Eva has donated all copy rights and sales proceeds to benefit the charity.
    • Now that Rice has made the leap into limited-edition prints, her next goal is to have her work included in a major museum collection.
    • Although she has exhibited her originals and limited-edition prints at art shows for years, she decided to give licensing a try.
    • The club had sensed it would be successful when a limited-edition cricket print sent to Sir Don Bradman in the hope that he would sign it bore fruit.
    • On a freezing January afternoon they are holed up in a recording studio in the suburbs of Nantes, France, where they are recording a limited-edition single for a French label.
    • The design now adorns embroidered bags, swimsuits, shoes and even a limited-edition diamond watch, available from next month.
    • An original Copy of the limited-edition book, of which only 1,500 were printed and signed by Wood, is also on display.
    • There is much to recommend this limited-edition book (only one thousand copies were printed).
    • The gallery's policy is to present affordable, original, contemporary art and limited-edition prints, jewellery and items of interest to people in York.
    • In My Life brings together 13 signed limited-edition prints, together with a portfolio of the iconic characters created by the pastel artist from Birmingham.
    • A set of luxury eye pillows, you're own personalised sundial, this beautiful porcelain butter hutch, and a limited-edition model of Atlantis
    • Our hand-embellished, limited-edition reproduction prints of old engravings are beautiful and unique.
    • The Greenwich Workshop arranged for a signed limited-edition print by Bean to be framed.
    • The limited-edition print market is at the other end of the price spectrum.
    • Each limited-edition print is hand-numbered, estate sealed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
    • It was a smart move, since soon thereafter the limited-edition print market took off.
    • Kolibri developed a limited-edition print on canvas for the first four of these originals.
    • Each displayed a mixture of limited-edition prints and originals.
    • Hence, quality reproductions, like a limited-edition print featuring wine, have become a pursuit and prized possession of many.