Translation of lineal in Spanish:


en línea directa, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlɪnɪəl//ˈlɪniəl/


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    (descent) en línea directa
    (ancestor) directo
    • He is Leroy Hamilton, lineal descendant of Alexander Hamilton, and not in the least stuck-up about it; he is the decent, unassuming last Yankee of the title.
    • In 1270 it was replaced by the Solomonic dynasty claiming lineal descent from Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, bringing the Amharas from the mountains of central Ethiopia to prominence.
    • Primacy is given to male lineal descendants in the male line of descent and women come very low in the order of heirs.
    • God stands in a lineal or hierarchical relationship to humans; Mediterranean humans relate to one another collaterally and view and address God as a superior.
    • Her name is Katherine Dockens and she is a lineal descendant of Richard Allen.
    • Yet Tamang women can remarry and are not disparaged over divorce, can retain their own lineal and clan identities even after marriage, and are not expected to live fulltime in their marital homes for many years.
    • This conservatism matches European policies that prohibit experimentation in stem-cell manipulation for the purpose of permanently changing the physique of our lineal descendants.
    • However, gifts received from blood relations lineal a ascendants and lineal descendants. and those received on certain occasions like marriage etc. would continue to be totally exempt.
    • In this way the autosomal genetic information of different lineages becomes scrambled over time, and direct lineal associations become difficult to decipher.
    • This placed Whitsitt in direct opposition to the lineal successionists.
    • Thus, often a royal lives clause has been used which might identify as the class of lives in being all the lineal descendants of George V who are living at the date of the grant.
    • Shiites believe that the 12th Imam, a lineal descendant of Muhammad, supernaturally disappeared in the ninth century and will one day come back to restore justice in the world.
    • The lineal descendants of a farmer have the first right to purchase a farm.
    • Shiites of this branch believed that the Prophet Muhammad's successors or vicars were his cousin and son-in-law, Ali, and the eleven lineal descendants of Ali and the Prophet's daughter, Fatima.
    • It stated that, ‘We shall no more commit of the government of ourselves and the making of laws for us, to any one single person or lineal successor.’
    • Many people are not aware that they can halve their stamp duty bill if they purchase residential/commercial property or land from a direct lineal relation.
    • According to the Pechanga constitution, full membership requires proof of lineal descent from an original Pechanga member and a family line contained in the official enrolment book.
    • The codicil of the Law was added to the testament that God established with Abraham and his lineal descendant in order to awaken human consciousness to the reality of sin.
    • It was that he was, as the lineal descendant of King David, the Messiah.
    • Through the arbitration of Moses, God and Israel reached an agreement to add a codicil to the testament that God established in trust with Abraham and his single lineal descendant, the Christ.