Translation of linger in Spanish:


quedarse (un rato), v.

Pronunciation /ˈlɪŋɡə//ˈlɪŋɡər/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (delay leaving)
    quedarse (un rato)
    entretenerse (un rato)
    he lingered in the corridor se quedó / se entretuvo un rato en el pasillo
    • He stared at her, his grey eyes lingering on her lips.
    • But it doesn't linger forever on past glories.
    • The camera lingers lovingly on the visage of David Beckham in the Manchester United dug-out.
    • She didn't linger at the back of the pharmacy.
    • I looked down between my boots, the smile still lingering on my lips.
    • His lips lingered there for a few seconds, not quite touching, not pulling away.
    • Apart from walking you to school, she even lingers around for you to change and walk you home.
    • The businessman only looked up when he felt a presence lingering in the doorway.
    • He lingered there for a few seconds, just watching her, as she turned her back to him.
    • Women, children and an occasional man linger in doorways to catch the elusive breeze.
    • We all have certain silly tunes that linger in our memory but defy identification.
    • Don't linger in the doorway as it is considered rude.
    • My gaze lingered there a moment longer watching Doug when he turned around and smiled.
    • One last question lingered in my mind, and I had no reservations about blurting it out.
    • As one magical day follows another, the sun seems to linger longer over the yard arm.
    • It's best if you can stay and linger in this World Heritage Area.
    • Abby and Emily were lingering around my hallway, obviously waiting for me.
    • We lingered for a few minutes at merchant tents; Zane bought us both swords.
    • We never have a scene linger beyond what is necessary to get the point across.
    • The camera lingers for a few seconds, and audiences let out a collective gasp.
  • 2

    (smell/aftertaste) persistir
    (tradition) perdurar
    (tradition) sobrevivir
    she lingered in a coma for months su coma se prolongó durante varios meses
    • Many bad habits will linger on and many good ones may disappear but at least the pattern will change a bit.
    • You'll soon forget the bill, but the memory of the food will linger on.
    • The cost of the debt will linger on long after the World Cup has come and gone.
    • He shuts his phone and says my name softly and it lingers on his tongue.
    • The odour does linger on the breath; it even comes through the pores of the skin but, if we all ate garlic, it wouldn't matter.
    • The stereotypes may seem rather weary, but they linger on because, well, because they're still there.
    • He said it could linger on for a long time unless both sides were willing to make peace.
    • Even after my mom had finished baking cookies, the smell still lingered in the air when we walked inside.
    • We see these types of trials linger on for years as a method to win the case.
    • Even so, he had a troubling doubt that lingered and stayed with him when he considered his future.
    • Ireland will be the richer as the memories linger on, she told the thousands that had gathered.
    • Six decades on, few of the legacies of the war and the independence of its former colony linger on.
    • Questions lingered in my mind, but I was hesitant to ask them.
    • It may be more than four years ago now, but memories linger on.
    • Leaves had turned black, and an acrid smell lingered in the air.
    • The tea leaves add a unique fragrance to the tender ribs which lingers in the mouth.
    • The suspicion lingered with him that someone was making a joke at his expense.
    • Because of the lack of carbonation, the flavor seems nutty and lingers on the palate.
    • I saw it in a magazine, and the vision lingered in my memory.
    • The scent lingering in the hallway was less than comforting.
  • 3lingering present participle

    (doubts/memory) persistente
    (memory/doubts) que no desaparece
    (embrace/look) prolongado
    (illness) largo
    (illness) prolongado
    • Staying at the Decoplage apartment, they would wake early for breakfast at the Van Dyke Cafe, work out at Idol's Gym, and linger over a Cuban coffee before spending the day at the pool.
    • Pictures of yourself as a chubby, wailing baby are likely to be quickly skipped over, while images of your nearest and dearest sporting the cutting-edge fashions of yesterday are worth lingering over.
    • The camera lingers over his body, reversing the gaze traditionally directed toward the nude female.
    • Saturday morning is spent lingering over a massive three course breakfast (those tropical fruits make a fine salad, with just a dash of Cointreau to top up our levels).
    • Call the French snooty, or just demanding, for their attention to good food, good wine, good atmosphere in their restaurants, for lingering over their meals.
    • He lingers over another ‘personal favourite, the forces of conservatism speech of 1999’.
    • Unlike the cigarette smoker, who draws needily upon the commercially packaged weed, the pipe man takes things slowly, lingering over the rituals of cleaning, filling, tamping.
    • It is a wonderful production that knows how to take its time, lingering over the ship board details rather than striving for nonstop action like most Hollywood blockbusters.
    • Rigid chairs and bland decor did not encourage us to linger over coffee, mugged or otherwise.
    • To prove it, he lingers over the subtle details, no less carefully than the artist himself.
    • If a customer lingers over a product, the cameras zoom in to record facial expressions.
    • As we were lingering over our desserts, Baklava and a Molten Chocolate Cake with the perfumed Cardamom and Rose ice cream, the chef, Mohamed, surprised us by joining us at our table with a bottle of wine that he kindly shared amongst us.
    • I buy a few items and linger over coffee, observing the atmosphere.
    • Props to the restaurant for not pointedly bringing our check as we were lingering over desert or having them bring us basket after basket of bread to soak up every last drop of sauce from our various dishes.
    • If it weren't for the economic need for multiple games, I would take several hours over each hunt, lingering over the figures, letting the hunters scent them as they fall and detecting those that remain.
    • All that atmosphere means not to linger over the excellent coffee would be churlish.
    • Perhaps you know the pub which does the most incredible Sunday lunches and whose staff won't mind if you spend all afternoon lingering over a roast and the papers.
    • Christmas is the time we linger over our meals longer than at any other.
    • The evenings were spent lingering over fine wines and cognacs while gymnastic students modelled the latest in Brazilian swimwear.
    • In France, diners eat in courses and linger over their lengthy meals.
  • 4

    (take one's time)
    to linger on/over sth
    • to linger on a subject detenerse largo rato en un tema
    • he lingered on the phrase pronunció la frase muy lentamente
    • her eyes lingered on the child no apartaba la vista del niño
    • they lingered over their coffee se entretuvieron tomando el café