Translation of linkage in Spanish:


conexión, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɪŋkɪdʒ//ˈlɪŋkɪdʒ/


  • 1

    (being linked)
    conexión feminine
    • Through the voices of the villagers, many of whom trace their linkage to the old Chipko movement, the film tries to understand the revolution.
    • During the meeting he demanded its detachment from any linkage to the death of the five young men.
    • The one thing both sides agree on is that the road would have a major impact on the Eastern Cape landscape insofar as it would dramatically improve access and linkage to the region.
    • We have stated that the linkage exists, but we have not fleshed it out in specific terms.
    • Samples taken from the crime scene have been sent to forensic laboratories for analysis to ascertain any linkage to the crime.
    • But if linkage to the physical world adds reality to an idea, how can he claim that the idea, which is not material, is what redeems British efficiency?
    • It was a memorable sermon, lacking any clear outline or notable linkage to the Scripture readings.
    • The databank used standardised diagnostic criteria during the study and linkage to the individual original obstetric case notes.
    • The chapters do vary significantly, however, in the depth of analysis and the strength of linkage to the central premises of the research.
    • So, we shouldn't allow this subtle linkage to Gilgamesh to distract from a proper consideration of paleosols.
    • But all the electronics machines were second-hand products and have no linkage to the Internet.
    • Any clear linkage to the power and prestige of the central palatial authority would have conferred distinction.
    • The textile sector presents good opportunity for us to spur growth and combat poverty because of its vertical linkage to agriculture.
    • Community members formed strong linkages with the schools, sharing staff, and building resources and expertise.
    • Queensland is focused on establishing linkages that provide a basis for long-term trade relationships.
    • There will also be linkage to the town centre from the Industrial Estate to facilitate workers at lunchtime.
    • Help us articulate the complexity, responsibility, and accountability of command and its direct linkage to our success as a military profession.
    • The IMF presenter demonstrated a strong linkage between the level of per capita GDP and the poverty rate.
    • All the elements will need clear linkage to each other through regular meetings, information technology, and shared protocols.
    • Countless social standards, now fundamental to our culture, have direct linkage to wartime necessities.
  • 2

    acoplamiento masculine
    mecanismo de conexión masculine
    • Instead of complex linkages and levers, this one keys right on the trigger bar and a small protrusion pushes the firing - pin stop up.
    • The free sliding experiments suggest that mechanical linkages between the doublets prevent free sliding in an intact axoneme.
    • The drive elements enable both linear and rotational motion through fully sealed linkages.
    • After years of searching for the ideal point at which to attach the suspension linkage to a frame, the gearheads concluded that their sweet spot didn't exist.
    • On inspection it was found that everything in the recently developed transmission was operating perfectly, the jamming in fourth gear traced to the mating of the standard gear linkage to the new gearbox.
    • Our simulator calculates the forces on the runners and those that are transmitted through the steering linkage to the drivers' hands.
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    enlace masculine