Translation of linkup in Spanish:


conexión, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɪŋkˌəp//ˈlɪŋkʌp/


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    conexión feminine
    (of spacecraft) acoplamiento masculine
    • Members of the Northern Horticultural Society have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a link-up with the Royal Horticultural Society, and the move is expected to be endorsed by the ruling council next week.
    • On Christmas Day they will see and speak with their families via a two-way video linkup.
    • It was a technical triumph, using live link-ups to Scotland, Plymouth, London, Manchester, Belfast, Derbyshire and Bangor, with Lomax at the centre of the web in Birmingham.
    • It was not clear if the Pope would even be able to attend the ceremonies, make only brief appearances or join the faithful via television link-ups.
    • The link-up with the school in Omagh is using new technology such as video-conferencing, and there were a number of teachers and pupils from the Omagh school present for the occasion.
    • The satellite linkup resulted in what may have been one of the largest live dance conference ever.
    • There is to be a live satellite link-up with them and New York firefighters as part of an open-air ceremony in Birmingham's Victoria Square.
    • Bank of Scotland has also recently held merger talks with National Australia Bank, the Melbourne-based parent of Clydesdale Bank, but the link-up with Abbey National remains its favoured option.
    • Ideas under consideration include live link-ups between the schools via satellite to discuss business projects.
    • There will also be a live link-up to a bar in New York.
    • What we need instead are not just national grids, but more cross border link-ups into international grids and networks.
    • They have the latest genetic sequencing equipment, million-dollar biosafety labs, and real-time satellite link-ups to compare notes.
    • Like last year, each city has its own distinctive concert before uniting with big-screen link-ups for the live relay of the famous finale of the Last Night of the Proms from the Royal Albert Hall.
    • Cancer care professionals from Leeds and Bradford were attending the opening ceremony, when a demonstration of the new equipment included a video link-up to the hospital's lecture theatre.
    • There were also residential courses and link-ups with local rugby league clubs.
    • The link-ups between universities and the food sector will have to be defined in much stronger and much more focused terms, he said.
    • They checked in with the Cologne audience via a live satellite link-up.
    • The link-up is a good idea but must not be dependent on funding from the Council.
    • On Wednesday he spoke to journalists on a video link-up from Washington.
    • The song recalled its recording exactly 35 years earlier as part of the first worldwide satellite television link-up.
    • Everybody has been made aware of the link-up with Staines, but we won't twist anyone's arm to stay.
    • Video link-ups from the main colleges nationally would keep a lot of players around and make a huge difference, industrially and socially, to all areas of the county.
    • It's just a question of the technicians making the link-up to the water supply.
    • As the point guard, he will shoulder much of the responsibility for directing matters on the court and he is aware that his belated link-up with his colleagues has hindered the team's evolution.
    • Other attempts to utilise the link-up have been less successful; most act to reinforce the notion that videogames are fully-fledged franchise opportunities.
    • Although the Internet is often blamed as the technology enabling teenage sex, further reporting would show it's actually mobile phone contact providing the critical link-ups.
    • The anti-war society there planned to plug into the live video link-up with leading academic Edward Said this week.
    • In a link-up with Humberside Police and the City Council, Cleeve pupils will be gunning for drivers who speed past their school in Wawne Road.
    • The whole question of airline link-ups will have to be rethought as well.
    • A satellite link-up enabled viewers to see Vaughan speak to the rest of the team, who are currently on tour in Pakistan.
    • Millward was interviewed via satellite link-up for the imminent vacancy at Wests Tigers last week.
    • The former transport minister had no plans for an overground link-up of the Luas lines and did not envisage the Sandyford line being linked to the rest of the rail network until the airport metro link was complete.
    • The Rural Action Project hopes to hold three similar seminars with video conferencing link-ups and facilities in rural towns and villages in West Clare in the next 12 months.
    • And today the project was hailed as proof of the benefits of link-ups between universities and business.
    • Who are the people whom she says are looking at whether there is going to be a Franco-German-Russian link-up, with good links to the Chinese, against what we have, which looks like a small Anglo-American group?
    • So if both of us play against Israel hopefully the link-up will help get us goals.
    • Bradford was given the go-ahead to became a teaching hospital last year after a link-up between the Trust, Bradford and Leeds Universities and the district's primary care trusts.
    • It could be Wakefield, maybe the burgeoning arts quarter of Quarry Hill in Leeds, but most likely Bradford, possibly in a link-up with the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television.
    • The world premiere of the film itself will take place on BBC Television and will include live link-ups around the country to special cinema screenings.
    • The link-up was approved at a full meeting of the council yesterday, following 12 months of detailed examination which included assessing proposals from more than 30 private sector companies.
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    Television Radio
    conexión feminine
    enlace masculine
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    encuentro masculine