Translation of lion in Spanish:


león, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlaɪən//ˈlʌɪən/


  • 1

    león masculine
    a literary lion una gran figura literaria
    • before noun lion cub cachorro de león
    • lion hunt caza del león
    • There are springbok, wildebeest, red hartebeest, lion, leopard, cheetah and giraffe among others.
    • A stone lion's head, which seems to float above a potted plant, drips water into the pool.
    • Living with elephants and giraffes, and seeing lions hunt and kill, was fantastic.
    • She noticed an intricately carved, roaring lion's head was at the end of the banister.
    • The river has chiselled the mountain face, making it resemble a lion's paw.
    • Female Asiatic lions live an average of 17 to 18 years, with a maximum of 21 years.
    • Male African lions perform this maneuver when they consort with a receptive female, herding her in the desired direction.
    • The crowd roars like a lion in a cage.
    • A troupe of lion cubs nuzzle her hand and chew playfully on her shoelaces.
    • Male lions develop thick woolly manes on the neck and shoulders, signifying maturity.
    • In field experiments female lions tend to choose male partners with the darkest manes.
    • At Babylon there is a famous basalt statue of a man being mauled by a lion.
    • Three year-old male lions grow manes that vary in color from black to blond.
    • South Africa contributes about 30 percent of lions hunted in sub-Saharan Africa.
    • The zoo had received its three Asiatic lions just two years ago as part of a European endangered species programme.
    • However, they sometimes reached the pinnacle of honor by killing lions on their own.
    • For instance, by choosing to hunt at a different place or time, coyotes avoid wolves, cheetahs avoid lions, and leopards avoid tigers.
    • Wild African lions roam free within ten minutes drive of the center of Nairobi, Kenya.
    • Male lions use their manes to attract females, to scare competitors, to make them look bigger and to protect their head and neck during fights.
    • Apparently they don't even have the delightful touch farm and lion enclosure anymore.