Translation of liquid in Spanish:


líquido, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈlɪkwɪd//ˈlɪkwɪd/


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    líquido masculine
    • First, you should always drink plenty of liquids (water is the best).
    • As air is beaten into the mixture, the egg whites become a frothy liquid with the consistency of an egg cream.
    • Chromatography is a technique for analyzing mixtures of gases, liquids, or dissolved substances.
    • Only a slight pool of a shimmering silver liquid on the floor made him stop and take notice.
    • The volume of the liquids is constant, so the curvature of their interface will change.
    • Drink plenty of liquids, such as water, juice or tea.
    • She propped him up and Anna forced him to drink the liquid in the cup.
    • Sand is a good and inexpensive filter through which a solution of solids and liquids can be passed to separate out the liquid.
    • Drinking plenty of liquids such as water, fruit juice, and vegetable juice can help prevent dehydration.
    • Authorities released a dispersing liquid into the coastal waters to dilute the slick.
    • He had no sooner poured the amber liquid into the glass when he heard something run into his door.
    • The thick brown liquid sloshed in the bottle as she turned it over in her hands.
    • He poured the steaming hot liquid into her cup.
    • Each person then sips the liquid through a silver tube.
    • The solid that dissolves in a liquid is the solute and the liquid in which it dissolves is the solvent.
    • The common glycols are colorless liquids with specific gravities greater than that of water.
    • Water and mercury are liquids at room temperature so they get the vapor title.
    • Pour additional reserved cooking liquid into the mold.
    • Drain the pineapple and strain the poaching liquid through a fine mesh sieve.
    • Place over medium heat until almost all of the liquid in the pan has evaporated.
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    líquida feminine
    • Indeed, the poems themselves employ a vocabulary of linguistics: plosive, liquids, vocables, vowels, consonants.


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    (soap/metal/oxygen) líquido
    liquid diet dieta hídrica feminine
    • we had a liquid lunch en vez de comer nos tomamos unas copas
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    liquid assets activo líquido / disponible / realizable masculine
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