Translation of liquid in Spanish:


líquido, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɪkwɪd//ˈlɪkwɪd/


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    líquido masculine
    • Drain the pineapple and strain the poaching liquid through a fine mesh sieve.
    • Water and mercury are liquids at room temperature so they get the vapor title.
    • As air is beaten into the mixture, the egg whites become a frothy liquid with the consistency of an egg cream.
    • The common glycols are colorless liquids with specific gravities greater than that of water.
    • Drinking plenty of liquids such as water, fruit juice, and vegetable juice can help prevent dehydration.
    • He had no sooner poured the amber liquid into the glass when he heard something run into his door.
    • The volume of the liquids is constant, so the curvature of their interface will change.
    • The thick brown liquid sloshed in the bottle as she turned it over in her hands.
    • Authorities released a dispersing liquid into the coastal waters to dilute the slick.
    • She propped him up and Anna forced him to drink the liquid in the cup.
    • Chromatography is a technique for analyzing mixtures of gases, liquids, or dissolved substances.
    • Each person then sips the liquid through a silver tube.
    • First, you should always drink plenty of liquids (water is the best).
    • Only a slight pool of a shimmering silver liquid on the floor made him stop and take notice.
    • Pour additional reserved cooking liquid into the mold.
    • Place over medium heat until almost all of the liquid in the pan has evaporated.
    • Sand is a good and inexpensive filter through which a solution of solids and liquids can be passed to separate out the liquid.
    • He poured the steaming hot liquid into her cup.
    • The solid that dissolves in a liquid is the solute and the liquid in which it dissolves is the solvent.
    • Drink plenty of liquids, such as water, juice or tea.
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    líquida feminine
    • Indeed, the poems themselves employ a vocabulary of linguistics: plosive, liquids, vocables, vowels, consonants.


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    (oxygen/metal/soap) líquido
    liquid diet dieta hídrica feminine
    • we had a liquid lunch en vez de comer nos tomamos unas copas
    • Neon, because it has such a low boiling point, doesn't liquefy with the other gases but hovers above the liquid air and can be removed.
    • Try to alternate between some of the different liquid fertilisers I have mentioned.
    • When the seedlings appear, fertilise with half strength liquid fertiliser and mulch.
    • During the growing season (late spring to autumn), keep the plant watered and apply a liquid feed every month, as the compost must be moist in winter.
    • Therefore liquid hydrogen tanks would need to be much larger and at the same time stronger and insulated in order to hold the extremely cold liquid hydrogen.
    • A second later, this led to the structural failure of the external tank, igniting the liquid hydrogen and oxygen it carried into a fireball.
    • Feed in spring and summer with a balanced liquid fertiliser, to help speed up growth and enhance the plant's health.
    • In one week, fertilise with half strength liquid fertiliser.
    • Place one pint of liquid fertilizer in the jar and add two teaspoons of the liquid herbicide.
    • After they have been planted for a week, fertilise with half-strength liquid fertiliser.
    • All pots were watered regularly until mid-July and supplied with liquid inorganic fertilizer on a monthly basis.
    • There are a variety of less-polluting oil and gas fuels, including liquid petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas.
    • Leaf samples were cut into small pieces and ground with a pinch of sand, liquid nitrogen, and a cold mortar and pestle.
    • The engines are fuelled by liquid petroleum gas, which means that there is no risk of a fire breaking out.
    • Seventy-two percent use both liquid and granular fertilizers on their courses.
    • Feed plants regularly with a balanced granular fertilizer or liquid plant food.
    • You could cull some duds in advance by calculating whether the planet was in the habitable zone - the proper distance from its sun for water to be liquid.
    • Most strippers have either a semi-paste or a thin liquid consistency, the premium agent of which is methylene chloride.
    • I flushed hundreds of eyes with water and liquid antacid.
    • At the top of the cylinder, there is a smaller cylinder filled with a compressed gas - liquid carbon dioxide, for example.
    • Gazpachos can thus range in consistency from very liquid to almost solid.
    • About midnight, they'll start putting 500,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen in it.
    • Phillips then explained that the standard cooling technique of immersing something in a cold medium, such as liquid nitrogen, is often not adequate.
    • The cream's liquid consistency should be absorbed by the skin 30 minutes before sun exposure so it doesn't rub off easily.
    • The pilot wears a pressure suit and uses the onboard liquid oxygen system for breathing at high altitudes.
    • We know how to laugh about pain, because ultimately in the scope of this enormous complex universe our tiny struggles are as significant as a crumb of eggshell in a vat of liquid concrete.
    • The liquid solution works by binding to anything it is attracted to, such as cement or lime.
    • Some of the cars will use extremely cold liquid hydrogen; others will use hydrogen in a compressed, gaseous form.
    • When seedlings appear apply a liquid fertiliser at half strength.
    • The subtle sweetness and refreshing flavor that linger reminds you of sunshine in liquid form.
    • They also wanted a second look at a liquid hydrogen pressurization relief valve that cycled more times during the first tanking test than is standard.
    • The salts considerably lower the freezing point, meaning that, despite the big chill, water can remain in liquid form, which all known life forms require.
    • I found some liquid soap in the small closet around the corner along the hallway.
    • During the eight and a half minutes of main engine burn time, those pumps will have moved about 528,600 gallons of liquid hydrogen and oxygen.
    • Grudgingly, and with a countenance colder than liquid nitrogen, Cora turned and stormed off down the hall.
    • As your bulbs finish flowing, don't cut them back, but continue to feed them with liquid fertiliser over the foliage.
    • The regency's environmental agency had sent warnings to 25 companies earlier this year for allegedly dumping their liquid waste into the rivers.
    • Real snow was to have been made on site by spraying air, water, and liquid nitrogen under pressure.
    • Among those are variations on fuel cells, some of which use liquid methanol, water and a catalyst to drive a reaction which generates electricity.
    • Allow the chocolate to melt over the hot water and stir it occasionally until it has achieved a liquid consistency.
    • Embryogenic tissues were homogenized to a very fine powder in liquid nitrogen and then sugar extraction was carried out.
    • They believe that this underground fluid was mainly liquid carbon dioxide.
    • Frozen leaves were ground to a powder in a mortar with a pestle in the presence of liquid nitrogen in a cold room.
    • This would be consistent with liquid methane falling on the surface for eons.
    • For three long days, this will be your only liquid source - your water.
    • Simply mix the liquid solution with water and sprinkle over your already decaying organic material.
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    liquid assets activo líquido / disponible / realizable masculine
    • The best asset plays are those that hold large chunks of cash, liquid investments and property - items that are readily re-usable or re-saleable.
    • We recommend you hold around three to six months of your net salary in liquid assets (that can be readily converted to cash).
    • The remainder is invested in liquid assets such as cash and money market instruments.
    • These liquid assets are sometimes referred to as ‘general collateral’.
    • Borrowers will also desire less debt, since balance sheet liquidity is a concept in which debt is netted against liquid assets.
    • There are no liquid assets aside from money, unless there is a central bank.
    • Ten percent of it must be in the form of Singapore government securities, with the rest in the form of cash or other liquid assets.
    • Since stocks are a liquid asset, cashing out for an emergency or for a planned expense can be handled fairly easily.
    • In other words, any mixture of liquid assets will be classified as money as long as this mixture passes the correlation test.
    • Investments must be in financially sound firms with highly liquid shares.
    • He said the ratio of liquid assets to total deposits and short term liabilities was above the minimum prudential norm of 50 per cent.
    • So if it has a bad month and it has no supply of liquid assets like a money market account, the company has nothing to make its necessary payments.
    • It is also crucial to recognize that most productive assets are not liquid; they are significantly immobile or irreversible.
    • At the same time, greatly heightened demand for safe and liquid assets encouraged shifts from equity markets into deposit assets.
    • Although he has slipped recently in the rich lists, he is still reckoned to have around £1 billion of liquid assets to hand.
    • Most of the wealth has shifted into liquid assets, as uncertain investors stay out of the markets.
    • The extent to which the assets of the monetary system consist of ultimate liquid assets is a qualitative characteristic of the money supply.
    • All are short-term, highly liquid assets that can easily be converted into cash and used as currency.
    • ‘All assets, both fixed and liquid, will be reverted to the new government,’ he said.
    • This is simplest if you have spare cash, shares or other liquid assets that can easily be siphoned off into a trust when you die.
  • 3literary

    • They favored quiet meadows where they could gaze at the world through dark, liquid eyes.
    • The windows of buildings were filled with a liquid dark and alleyways receded into nothing.
    • Now though, as she saw Eve's soft liquid brown eyes gazing softly down at her, she could no longer hold it in anymore.
    • Twirling a lock of his long white beard around a finger, the old man looked solemnly at me as his dark liquid eyes gazed at me intently.
    • My attention shifted to Jason, who was currently looking straight at his cousin, his dark eyes pensive, liquid pools of thought.
    • With dark, liquid eyes, black gloves and dramatic eye masks, black - footed ferrets are elegant hunters.
    • My truth is warm liquid dark eyes and truly good people.
    • This lake, though looking as liquid as water, was not clear, but black.
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    • It glided through the evening air, half song and half word, a sound of liquid calm and cool darkness.
    • From the clipped liquid sounds it spoke I'd guess it had gotten little more than half the sounds I'd spoken.
    • He is undoubtedly a driving force behind the band, his lilting, liquid bass lines underpinning the more ethereal, fractured sound that surrounds them.
    • The liquid sound is then further energised by succussion (shaking vigorously).
    • These nests and this large songbird's melodious, liquid calls are signatures of the Neotropical lowlands.
    • Pure liquid trills of a Bulbul coming from some nearby tree bought a smile of delight to his lips.
    • Sometimes, Mackenzie can be surprisingly conventional in terms of his chosen amplifier sound: warm and mellow, with a liquid tone.
    • The gentle liquid sound of the pool was louder when the wind came.