Translation of liquorice in Spanish:



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    • They come in all sorts of flavours, including apple, honey, mint, grape, melon, pistachio, black licorice, cappuccino and fakhfakhina, a mix of exotic fruit and whipped cream.
    • In traditional Chinese medicine, licorice is known as a healing agent; and Europeans use it in cough suppressants and in ulcer medications.
    • A whoosh of freshly ground mocha coffee hits the nose and then, once the wine hits your mouth, it's joined by black fruits, liquorice, spice and a spray of refreshing acidity.
    • Smooth and very drinkable, this delivers subtle notes of aniseed, liquorice, spice and lemon peel.
    • Another possible health benefit: An acid present in black licorice, glycyrrhizin, has been used in Japan for more than 20 years as a treatment for chronic hepatitis.
    • Occasionally, the ingestion of black licorice, lead, iron supplements, or blueberries can cause black stool and false melena.
    • Also scoring high was the erotic mix of black licorice and doughnut.
    • Just a handful of black licorice on a regular basis can reduce the amount of potassium in the body and may lead to fluid retention, not to mention irregular heart rhythms.
    • Caffeine and even excessive black licorice may keep your blood pressure elevated.
    • Although this combines powerful cherry notes, threaded with liquorice, backed by chewy tannins and topped with sparkling acidity, it is not yet ready to drink.
    • I loved black licorice, but it raised my eye pressure nearly off the charts.
    • The asphalt is sticky black licorice and the traffic lights pulse to a blind man's marching tune.
    • The drink is made using the root blended with ingredients like liquorice and ginger to create a cordial.
    • The most effective scents for getting a genuine physical reaction were mixtures of lavender and pumpkin pie, doughnut and black liquorice, and pumpkin pie and doughnut.
    • After my years of literally swallowing the homeopathic conviction that licorice is the root of all health, the prospect of sipping parsley soup seasoned with the sticky elixir prompted a fit of involuntary grimacing.
    • An occasional treat rarely causes people any trouble, but those who eat black licorice regularly can experience hormone imbalance and potassium loss.
    • A mix of liquorice, black fruits and farmyards tempt the nose.
    • They breathe a refreshing complexity of black currant, blueberry, black cherry and kirsch, intermingled with violet, cocoa, coffee, pepper, licorice, and warm spices.
    • My daughter and I both crave it, but I understand that black licorice could be harmful.
    • Her eyes were as black as licorice, and her pale, pale skin was covered in men's clothing.