Translation of list price in Spanish:

list price

precio de catálogo, n.


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    precio de catálogo masculine
    precio de lista masculine
    • With a list price of $500, it is one of the most expensive models on the market today.
    • Most books are sold through a distributor, who takes 55% of the list price.
    • This is 30 per cent of the list price of the car when new but may be reduced by the following percentages where the employee pays for running costs.
    • The list price is the highest price that you can pay.
    • At a list price of around $60, this set is not worth the purchase even for those wanting to simply dip their toes into the '60s music culture.
    • Analysts estimate the planes were bought for less than $30 million - $14 million under the list price.
    • It's not hard to save, say, 15% off the list price, which means saving £2,400 on a £16,000 car.
    • Since April 2002, company car taxation has been calculated on the basis of the car's CO2 emissions and its list price when new.
    • Negotiating a large discount off the list price is great but can be negated if the dealer is able to get away with offering a below-market rate for a car being traded in.
    • Next, when looking at the list price, remember that it might not be your net price.
    • Villas that achieved $190,000 last year now have a list price of $260,000.
    • From January 1 a diesel car that was taxed at 17% of its list price will instead be charged at 20%.
    • This percentage shows the anticipated resale value of the van as a proportion of its list price based on age and mileage.
    • Remember: the list price is purely the ‘top’ price, not the ‘right’ price!
    • At a list price of $26.98, this is the DVD bargain of the year so far.
    • It carries a list price of $105 but should be discounted to $90 or less.
    • The list price of the car when new is insignificant in today's terms.
    • After all, why pay the list price when you can pay the lowest price?
    • They signed a contract for the list price in September 2003.
    • Smith argues that one indicator of the health of the UK housing market is to compare the average house price with the list price of a typical new family car.