Translation of listen in Spanish:


escuchar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈlɪs(ə)n//ˈlɪs(ə)n/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (focus hearing)
    if you listen carefully, you'll hear it si escuchas con atención, lo oirás
    • to listen to sth/sb escuchar algo/a algn
    • as she lay in bed she listened to them arguing acostada en su cama, los oía discutir
    • just listen to him (talk / talking) ¡fíjate / mira cómo habla!
    • to listen for sth
    • they listened for her footsteps estaban atentos a ver si la oían venir
    • I listened out for the record on the radio estuve atento a ver si oía el disco en la radio
    • When you could not watch them, you never missed a chance to listen to the action on the radio.
    • Such a move will help voters to gauge which ones to believe and which ones to simply listen to.
    • When we're at home she listens to jazz and watches modern films, and she's quite sociable.
    • They want to tell us all what we can and cannot watch, read, listen to or think about.
    • The note was high and decidedly painful to listen to but it seemed to do the trick.
    • When free, he likes to listen to music, watch movies or spend time with his family.
    • It was nice to pause, watch, and listen to the bird banging away and the wood chips falling to the ground.
    • To watch and listen to these young boys and girls who were so obviously enjoying what they were doing was great.
    • I love to just sit on the rocks for hours and watch and listen to the ocean.
    • Many young people do not watch or listen to any political coverage at all.
    • You can listen to the audio of his speech here, and follow his charts and research here.
    • They just want a safe place where they can hang out and listen to music.
    • He is not willing to stay in the House and listen to some responses to what he said.
    • Patients will even be able to order a film to watch, or an audio book to listen to, both from their beds.
    • Watch it a few times and you'll never listen to their audio output in the same way.
    • I listen to the sounds of the radiators ticking as the central heating comes on.
    • In the UK, more people now listen to radio than watch TV, for the first time in many years.
    • It's not highbrow in an elitist way but you have to pay attention and think while listening to it.
    • Every few minutes he would stop and listen to what sounds there were in these quiet highland woods.
    • Using the player you can listen to radio stations and watch TV or video playback on your screen.
  • 2

    (pay attention, heed)
    to listen to sth/sb escuchar algo/a algn
    • are you listening (to me)? ¿me oyes?
    • I'm sorry, I wasn't listening perdón, no (te) estaba escuchando
    • I never used to listen in class nunca atendía / prestaba atención en clase
    • I can't promise anything, but I'll listen to what he has to say no puedo prometer nada pero estoy dispuesto a escucharlo
    • he doesn't listen to a word I say! no me hace ningún caso
    • you tell her: she won't listen to me díselo tú, a mí no me hace caso / no me escucha
    • if only I'd listened to what she said! ¡si la hubiera escuchado!
    • they won't listen to advice no hacen caso de lo que se les dice
    • listen, I've had enough of your moaning mira, estoy harto de tus quejas
    • listen, why don't we go/ask her? oye ¿por qué no vamos/se lo preguntamos?
    • In economics it listens to the advice of the International Monetary Fund.
    • Sometimes it's difficult to know who to believe, who to listen to and who to support.
    • The UK must realise that real consultation requires them to listen to me and take my advice.
    • He is an experienced town clerk and we would obviously listen to the advice that he gives.
    • McConnell is keen to show he has been listening and will respond with deeds rather than words.
    • And I'm just as confused and scared as the rest of us about what to believe and who to listen to.
    • Despite being aware of the dangers, a small minority of drivers don't listen to the advice.
    • He knows he is right and so feels no need to listen to advice that goes against his conviction.
    • So he had no choice but to listen to the advice of his friend and enrolled a course for motormen.
    • If your legal advice is that you have not got a cause of action, then you ought to listen to that advice.
    • We should listen to expert advice, but to slavishly follow it on every occasion defies logic.
    • So, let us take time out of our busy schedules to listen to the simple request of these children.
    • So you are in a sense inviting those responses and either you listen to them or you don't.
    • Good players listen to everyone and then pick and choose what advice they will take.
    • If you needed advice, or just someone to listen to you for a bit, Timothy was the guy to go to.
    • It's up to her whether or not she listens to our advice.
    • Diabetic and asthmatic, she had listened to bad advice that she need not declare the winnings.
    • We were right to listen to the much louder optimistic voices in our own minds.
    • The only advice to those players is that they should make up their own minds and not listen to anybody else.
    • The worse part about growing old is that you have to listen to advice from your kids.



  • 1

    to give sth a listen escuchar algo
    • after a couple of listens … después de escucharlo un par de veces …
    • I wish they'd just put up a transcript, but for those of you with broadband it's well worth a listen.
    • On the first few listens, the songs wash by, disembodied like an ocean.
    • But before we go to break, take a listen to this sound that's being played in the courtroom.
    • Otherwise, this is a sufficient listen for fans of the film.
    • Some curious record buyer may come across it and be tempted to take it home for a listen.
    • You should definitely be able to give them a listen by the end of the week.
    • Just one listen to this album will blow away all your blues.
    • Still, its form is at least partially discernible and this compilation is very much worth a listen.
    • On this performance her forthcoming debut album could well be worth a listen.
    • By the third listen, however, you became aware that this was a magical record.
    • If you wanna have a listen, here's the ultimate numbers station frequency list.
    • The piano was played in the school's reception area for seven hours to allow everyone to have a listen.
    • I loved this album immediately on the first listen and it has been a constant favourite ever since.
    • Nevertheless, there are undoubtedly some hidden gems which make this set worth the listen.
    • It might not work as well as some tracks on the CD, but it is still worth a listen.
    • It's a fascinating listen and yet constantly feels like a sampler for something bigger.
    • The next time you pass a busker, stop and have a proper listen, as you might be missing out on the next big thing in music.
    • A cursory listen reveals that the first version closely resembles Nashville's, from a musical standpoint.
    • The CD caused much amusement in the office and everyone had a listen on the headphones.
    • There's a bruised quality that keeps you at bay during the first few listens.