Translation of listening post in Spanish:

listening post

puesto de escucha, n.


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    puesto de escucha masculine
    • And in a hay loft outside Paris, the secret listening post just isn't there.
    • Of course, the NSA has to intercept the coded messages in order to decrypt them, but they have a worldwide array of listening posts that can do just that.
    • His challenge was to devise computer models of ocean acoustics that would make it possible to take signals received at underwater listening posts and trace them back to their sources - for instance, enemy submarines.
    • Charroy, who employed 400 secret policemen in his subterranean listening post beneath Napoleon's mausoleum in Paris, said he was simply carrying out orders from the special Elysée unit.
    • I saw stacks of tapes at one of our intelligence listening posts in Europe, and they had only two analysts to translate them.
    • At the apex of the listening network is Echelon, the US-led satellite spying system that taps into worldwide telecommunications with the help of listening posts stationed in Britain and all corners of the planet.
    • These results suggested that a broader study should be done with acoustic listening posts stationed along channels.
    • It has a number of what it calls ‘intercept stations’ or listening posts around Australia for doing that, of which the biggest is at Shoal Bay near Darwin, and it's focused on Indonesia.
    • The Israeli intelligence services had erected listening posts all along the Suez front, and they intercepted large quantities of Egyptian military communications.
    • This geographic separation means that, as the Earth rotates, at least one of these listening posts will be able to point its antennae toward the spacecraft being tracked at any given moment.
    • However, the Ministry of Defence refused to set up a long-term epidemiological study around the controversial listening post because it monitors its own emissions and does not believe there is any need for further studies.
    • Its listening posts capture virtually every electronic conversation around the world, Frost claims.
    • The UK also retains the use of a listening post at the top of Mount Olympus, the island's highest peak.